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procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate…

so, i'm co-leading this study with a good friend of mine at church on
tuesday mornings.  the way it works is that one week we have a
video, the next week we get together with a group and connie leads, the
following week we do a video, and then the week after that it's my turn
to lead.  so, essentially, i have a month to prepare for each
lesson that i have to do.  there are five days of homework every
two weeks, so you'd think this would be easy for me.  and, to top
it all off, i've done the study once before!!

so why is it monday afternoon, and i just started day 1 of the homework?

and why am i blogging instead of working on it?

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My Faith Story

I was born and raised for the first six years of my life in Manitoba where I went to a United church with my parents. I was baptized twice as an infant, once in the Catholic Church, and once in the United Church. When we moved to Ontario, I had little to do with any church, at least as far as I can remember, until I met my husband at age 15. Jason?s family was very openly Christian, and often had talks about different parts of the bible. This was different from my family in the way that we were welcome to ask questions, but I always felt that I had to know the questions to ask. I went to church with Jason a few times, but the sermon was always just something just to get through. I really didn?t ?get it.? In fact, I didn?t really get anything out of going to church at all. However, I volunteered with Calvinettes (the young girls group at the church) while I was living at home. But, it was still about the motions… I think that I believed that I was a Christian, but I didn?t understand Jesus, and why God would send his son, why we were supposed to worship God, who said ?You shall have no other gods before me.? (Exodus 20:3), and Jesus at the same time. I didn?t understand Jesus, and I didn?t know how to ask the questions to clarify things for myself either. Then I moved out and went to College. I did a lot of drinking and partying in College, trying to fit in, trying to find where I belonged, ever searching for that someone or something that I was missing. Trying to fill that void in my life that only Jesus could fill. Jason and I had been carrying on a long distance relationship for most of our time together, and at that time I essentially considered myself a free woman. When Jason finally moved back to the area, I tried to force him to commit to me by making him move into the townhouse I was sharing with a couple of other people. At the time, he did not want to do that because he felt that it was wrong in God?s eyes. While we did live together after our engagement and before our marriage, I still don?t think he was comfortable with the situation. In hindsight, I can see his point, and while I wish sometimes we had made different decisions, I know now that God is faithful in forgiving us for our sins. My sister-in-law and very good friend, Jessica, had in this time moved to Ottawa and found a fabulous supportive group of Christians for herself. I could see her contentment and happiness as she shared with me what she was learning, and I wanted that for myself. I also wanted to be able to relate with her on a Christian level, and at that time I was incredibly uncomfortable with my doubts and doing that with her. After our marriage we moved to Peterborough where we were both students at Trent. While we had not been attending any churches, in my last year at Trent I noticed a poster advertising an upcoming Alpha program for Trent Students. I told Jason about it and we both were watching for more information. In late January or early February, Jason noticed a small sign taped to a table in the library. It listed an email address for more information on the Alpha group. On reply to our email, we learned that this group was mostly for people who wished to be leaders in a group that was planned for the next year. However, we were welcome to come out and see what it was like if we wanted to. Later on we learned that the notice on the table was the only notice for Alpha, and that it was only left there for a couple of days. God really wanted us to see that notice! We met a wonderful group of Christians at Alpha. Fellow students who were committed to studying God?s word along with their own school studies. At Alpha, on the very first day, I learned the key to being a Christian… that Jesus IS God. Wow! What an eye opener! And, as an addition to that, we were given key scriptures as proof that this was so. In fact, I still have a few underlined in my bible with notes in the margin underlined and in capital letters, JESUS IS GOD! Luke 7: 16 ?God has come to help his people.? John 6:35 ?I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.? And my personal favourite, John 14: 6&7 ?I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really knew me, you would know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.? That very day about three years ago, I prayed that Jesus would come into my life and fill me with the Holy Spirit. A while later, we felt the need to become part of a church family somewhere. We started trying out different churches in Peterborough, and came to Auburn through the recommendation of a friend. The people at Auburn were fabulous and drew us in as if we had been there for years. After a few Sundays we were signed up with a Care Group where Kevin and Bev James included and welcomed us as if we were one of the family. They have been integral to our growth in Christ, and have always been available to help out with spiritual matters as well as anything else we may need. I also began attending Women in the Word and adding even more to my small basis of spiritual knowledge. Jason has always been a huge support throughout my journey, and has always been willing to discuss any aspect of Christianity that I may come up with at any time. His knowledge of the bible and where to find things has also been invaluable to me. I continue to grow in Christ and my attitude toward life in general has changed so much since Jesus ?filled me up.? He was knocking at my door for many years before I finally opened it up and let Him in. I have this incredible thirst to know everything about Him, and everything about the bible. I will continue to grow and mature with the support of my new Christian family and with God leading me every step of the way. When our daughter Keyzia was born, we were supported through prayer and good wishes from everyone at Auburn. We definitely felt that we had found our home. As we are expecting our second child, we feel confident that with our basis of support behind us, we will be able to help both of our children to always know God?s love. The past 40 Days of Purpose have given me an even broader base of knowledge and understanding as God has led me in the study. Jason and I have decided as a couple to be baptized in the Believer?s Baptism in order to declare our faith to everyone. Our baptism will show that we are members of God?s family. We are also going to become ?official? members at Auburn. We wish to be able to serve and to be held accountable for what happens within the church body. While as a family we have had many trials and tribulations, all of that has been made easier by God blessing us with His presence, and with such a wonderful group of people as are at Auburn.

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