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Photography Friday – Motion edition!

Ah, photography Friday… how you love to torment me!

My Mum and I decided to just keep the settings at photographer’s choice, and just alternate the subject back and forth. Although, since we have a new participant perhaps she should get a turn too?

Previous entries can be found here. The rules are here. My Mum’s blog is here, and Shari’s blog is here.

Really, the biggest problem with the subject of motion, one that I didn’t think about when I first chose it, is that my kids, while perpetually in motion, are not allowed to be the main subject of the photo. Tricky!!

However, such rules do not, methinks, apply to the family dog!

This is Kiwi. She is an Australian shepherd Lab cross, and she is absolutely moronic about water. She splashes in it, and then barks and tries to bite her splashes. She’ll chase the water from the hose in circles. And she will do this for HOURS. It’s quite absurd, actually.

Photo Challenge - Motion

Photo Challenge - Motion

Photo Challenge - Motion

I did these with pretty fast shutter speed to catch the idiot dog moving. It was bright enough out, that I didn’t have a problem really.

Next week my Mum has chosen the topic of “Perspective” tricky tricky!!


Photography Friday – On a Friday!

Who knew? Photography challenge, actually posted on a Friday! Ahh, it’s nice to get back into the swing of things.

Previous challenges are here.

This week the challenge was to use the in camera editing features. There are a pile of them. Monochrome, Sepia, Green enhancing… craziness! So, three shots, one SOOC, one edited in camera.

We’ve been having swimming lessons this week in Millbrook, and the property is absolutely stunning. I took some shots there tonight. These are my favourites!

Photo challenge 004

And then Line Drawing (how cool is this? I need to try this with some of the hooligan’s pics)
Photo challenge 010

Regular (aperture setting)
Photo challenge 003

Photo challenge 009

Photo challenge 002

Photo challenge 013

and the same shot with the green enhanced
Photo challenge 008

It was very fun to play with the internal settings! I don’t have a photo editing program, and frankly, I kind of think it’s cheating.

Next week we’ll be doing the topic of “Motion” and having to use the 55-200mm lens. Check out my Mum’s blog over here!

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Photography Friday – The Sunday Edition

Would you like my litany of excuses as to why it is Sunday, and I am only now posting my photos for the challenge with my mama?

I will spare you the list that begins with so much snot, a wee bit of fever, and just plain exhaustion, and instead I will regale you with the poem that Talya just told me,

Roses are sweet
Roses smell
And I love you so much

(she insisted that it be pink)

And one more,

Roses are sweet
I love you so much
I feel like I want to kiss you

ANYWAY, back to the challenge! So, I chose Joy as the subject, Mum chose user preference for the setting, but it had to fall under S A P or M.

Previous entries can be found here. Rules are here.

I had a hard time feeling motivated this week! Maybe because of the 900 pictures I took at my lovely sister’s wedding? (You can see some of them here.)

So, here’s what I have. I used the Shutter setting, altho my pics seem a bit dark…

The hooligans are super duper happy that Ja found this weird piece of slippery plastic in the garage. Some hose water, copious amounts of dishsoap, and voila! Joy!

July 2011 186

July 2011 190

and, of course, the trampoline shot!

July 2011 198

So, next week, Mum wants to use some of the in camera editing features. Six shots, three each SOOC, and one edited in camera. I chose user’s choice for settings. I guess that means the topic is wide open?


Photography Tuesday??

Oh yes, a belated Photography Friday… we were all just a wee bit busy this weekend!

Previous posts can be found here.

So, I foolishly said full manual for the setting last week, which was, just asinine, in my opinion. I must have learned nothing from Ken Rockwell.

Anyway without further ado, the pictures! The topic was “preparation.”

Wedding Weekend 001
Sean, working hard at spelling names properly (he didn’t).

Wedding Weekend 168
Flower girls easily distracted.

Wedding Weekend 071
and my favourite. My sister Glenna helping Ephraim with his button.

Next week Mum has chosen photographer’s choice for the setting and the subject is going to be Joy.

You can find Mum over here.

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Photography Friday – Out Edition!

I have this friend. Her name is AmyJ, and she is rotten. I told her she could choose our photo subject this week, and she chose “out”. When I said to her, “What were you THINKING??” she laughed evilly, I’m sure, and said she was trying to make us think “Out of the Box”.


Anyway, to recap, all of my challenge posts are here, and my Mum’s are here.

I actually don’t think the Shutter, or S setting was really the best one for this topic… It would have been better with the A or aperture setting. Shutter speed, seems to me, to be good for lots of action type shots.

I took quite a few pictures like this,
June 2011 278
before I remembered that unless it was bright, I would need to slow the shutter speed down to let in enough light. (I should have really listened to the flashing warning on the Nikon that the subject was too dark… but alas, this IS supposed to be a learning experience after all.)

I kind of went with things coming out… like flowers, etc…

Out - Shutter setting

Out - Shutter setting

Out - Shutter setting

I LIKE the pictures, but I don’t think they’re terrible interesting. That’s why I like to play with aperture. I like the interesting depth that playing with the aperture gives.

Join us next week for the fully manual setting! OOOOOOOO!! I’m a wee bit nervous about that one! Check out Mum for what the topic will be.

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Photography Friday

I have always enjoyed taking pictures. It must run in the blood because my crazy Mum used to do photography professionally.

A few weeks ago, my baby sister asked me to do the pictures at her upcoming wedding. Getting a wee bit nervous, I started quizzing my mum… on some tricks of the trade as it were. The thing is, in those days (my mum is pretty old, you see…) she used film. Things are much different now with the digital and fully automated cameras!

We both have Nikon D3000, which, while Ken Rockwell says it’s the worst camera Nikon ever made, it’s really still quite a nice camera!

Anyway, amid the discussion of photography techniques, the trading of links to tips and tricks, and etc… I thought, why not a photography challenge with my mama? She was all for that, and so here we are! On Photography Friday!

The rules are as follows,

1. Cameras have to be on the same “master” pre-agreed upon setting, no Auto. Within that setting it’s okay to manipulate some of the other settings. Like shutter speed, iso, etc.

2. No pictures of hooligans, unless it directly applies to the subject chosen that week.

3. One week one of us chooses the subject, one of us chooses the setting (P, S, A, M)

4. No editing of the pictures in any kind of photo editing software.

5. 3 pictures that must conform to the above rules have to be posted on our respective blogs by midnight on Friday.

This week I chose the subject “Green”, and Mum chose the setting “P”. I’m a wee bit obsessed with green right now. It was a very very long winter.

Here are my three favourites (altho you can see a few of the others if you click through to Flickr.)

June 2011 100

June 2011 088

June 2011 085

You can find my Mum’s pictures here.

It was actually kind of fun to be forced to go out for a bit and have to look at things as potential photography subjects. I’m pretty pleased with these three shots, although I still have a ways to go to catch up with the master!

Catch us back next Friday, or heck, join in! Mum has chosen the subject to be “Hands” and I’m choosing “A” as the camera setting.