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Annnnnnnnnd…. take two.

on January 4, 2013

So, here we are.  The new “secret” blog.  If I have given you the address, then you should consider yourself high on my likability scale!  If I didn’t personally invite you… well, there’s another blog you can read over there somewhere.

It’s funny because I’ve been sort of setting this beast up, and there is a BUNCH of stuff that I totally totally don’t get.  Do you think I can get a picture in the sidebar over there?  Nopers.  Just a little box.  I was spoiled rotten over at the old blog with Cynthia to do everything for me.  (she probably just heaved a HUGE sigh of relief that I won’t be bothering her much anymore…)


(((I totally figured it out!!  Wheeeeeeeeee!!!)))


Apparently there are a lot of things you CAN’T do with a free WordPress blog too that I could do with the old blog.  I still think it’s totally worth it to just let the oldie go… along with the feelings of censorship, performance, and whatever else became the reasons for writing on that blog.


I’m not sure if I’ll write frequently over here, but I already feel so FREE.  So very free.  It’s glorious.  If I want to tell you, oh anonymous internet, that my family and Ja’s family were all boobs over the holidays (they weren’t ALL boobs…) then I can.  heh.


I promise not to go back to writing in all lower case letters, however…




I also promise an overuse of elipses….






And some poorly written nonsense while I get back into this thing.


Zonino!  As Ja would say!  Onward!


4 responses to “Annnnnnnnnd…. take two.

  1. Russell says:

    Can I say just how excited I am to read two (TWO!!) new blog posts in one week?! Mwah!

  2. Gina Hobbs says:

    The new family pictures. Seriously, SWOON! I am in love with them. I miss you.

  3. Mamas Hands says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog- I like your new blog. I, too, just switched to a new blog and am having the growing pains but sense of freedom you talk about as well. I am blogging “incognito” now since we are fostering children.

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