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Juice Fast – Day Five

on September 22, 2012

Well, it’s the morning of Day 6 here, and I have decided to live.  I actually don’t feel too bad this morning!  First time!  No headache, slightly cranky, but, anyone who knows me will tell you that I am NOT a morning person.


Amy – Felt like crap because of uti and antibiotics.  Slept extra,  lunch juice,  normal dinner.



Jamie – Terrible terrible night.  Nightmares from Doctor Who (the SILENCE!!), children up, etc…  Have had enough of this juice fast crap.  So very tired of juice.  Where is my energy rush??  WHERE?  Only thing keeping me going at this point is that I’m down 6 pounds.  AM Juice (2 peaches, 1 apple, broccoli, carrot, sweet potato)  Peppermint tea in the AM.  Drank half my lunch juice, then we went to town.  Got a berry mix at the freshly squeezed place in town, it helped my mood IMMENSELY.  Drank other half of lunch juice around dinner time, then another two cups around 8:00pm.  We finished it off with some Kombucha.  I did not feel hungry for most of the day.  Energy level was normal.



Jason – Down 11 pounds.  Very hungry in the AM.  Am Juice was good.  I had decent energy, but was a bit scattered.  Was hungry for a lot of the day.  Drank lots of water.  Teeccino during the day.  Juice for dinner.  Kombucha for dessert.




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