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Juice Fast – Day 4

on September 21, 2012

So, this post is for Day 4, yesterday, but today is actually Day 5.  I just thought that I’d share that I’m so very very tired of juice.  If I never saw juice again, it’d be too soon.  But, when I did a checkin this morning, I was down 6 pounds!  Ja is down 11 pounds!  So, we will struggle on….  2 more days after today!  That’s easy, right???


Amy – AM weight 147.4 lbs. Super tired. Sleep really well, but don’t feel rested. No time to make juice this AM. Day off. Diagnosed with a UTI this afternoon.



Jamie – Woke up with slight nausea and a headache.  Starting with peppermint tea.  AM Juice (strawberry, apple, pear, sweet potato, cucumber, orange broccoli)  Feeling hungry, headache gone a couple of hours after getting up.  Energy level normal.  Afternoon juice was TERRIBLE.  I subbed in swiss chard for the kale, and it was seriously terrible.

Headache seems to hit at about 4.  Had two small slices of homemade pizza for dinner.  Water with blueberries later on.  Headache eased by bedtime, no advil today.



Jason – Feel okay, but tired.  Super hungry for AM juice.  Think that I have more energy during the day, and am thinking more clearly.  SUPER SUPER enjoy dinner.  We have had the best soup and pizza EVER this week!  Try to eat it super slow so that it lasts longer.  I wonder if we can put pizza through the juicer?





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