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Juice Fast – Day 3

on September 20, 2012



Day 3!  We made it to Day 3!!  Wheeee!!


Amy – AM weight 147.4 lbs. 32 oz juice (apple, carrot, swiss chard, ginger, celery, cucumber), split into thirds (morning/lunch/afternoon). 20oz hot mint medley tea. Woke up easily, energy level is fair and pretty consistent. Craving near lunchtime to chew on something. Clif Kids Zbar, half in AM, half in afternoon. Homemade potato soup and sourdough pita for dinner. Herbal tea.



Jamie – Down roughly a pound.  Quart AM Juice, trying to stretch it out a bit.  Not drink it all at once.  (apple, pear, 2 beets, 3 carrots, chunk of ginger, 8 kale leaves, 3 cups spinach).  

Energy level is okay.  Not fabulous.  Woke up much easier, did not sleep well.  Feeling congested today.  

Lunch Juice (1 green apple, 2 cups spinach, 2 cups kale, ½ cucumber, 4 celery stalks, 1 lemon)  Really liked the lunch juice.  Especially it’s pretty green colour!!  

My jaw is really sore today, wondering if it’s too much drinking through the straw…  Took advil before group tonight to ward off the lingering headache.  One cup of soup for dinner, and was full.  Did not drink the ½ quart of juice I had made to go with it.  Slight headache at bedtime.  Rooibos peppermint tea in the evening.



Jason – Woke up at 4:30, didn’t really go back to sleep.  “I think I had more energy today.”  Felt hungrier today than before, and was surprised by that.  Slight headache at bedtime, and super tired.  Pants feel looser.




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