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Sister of the Heart

on March 2, 2012

I am a very blessed woman. I have friends. I have good friends. I have friends who hold me up when I’m down, who laugh with me at the joys of life, heck, who laugh AT me when I deserve it. I have friends who keep it real, I have friends who are there no matter what. I have friends who are local, and then… then I have friends who are far away.

We met online, the lovely AmyJ and I. I even remember how it first went. She had sold me some yarn dye. Asked me if I had messenger. We hooked up, and I felt so shy at first, the great AmyJ was talking to me? Even seeking me out?

Ja thinks we have a strange relationship, and I suppose we do. On our second time meeting, we shared a hotel room with another strange woman. On our first time meeting, she dragged her entire family on a trip to Canada. I’m still pretty sure that her husband thought we were a bunch of axe murderers.

Ohio Trip 2012 017

Our relationship has grown, in spite of our distance. There is very little that we haven’t discussed. From family history, hurts, foibles, joy, to our own immediate families. I can trust AmyJ to keep my secrets, can trust her to really hear what I’m saying, even though I may be a whiney brat sometimes. She knows when I just need her to say, ‘you know what? That really sucks.’ and when I need her to say, ‘Stop being a baby. Buck up.’

Ohio Trip 2012 022

A couple of weeks ago, after a lot of planning, I hauled my whole family down to her, and invaded the Junkins household with everything I had. We were there for four glorious days of togetherness. Where, instead of just seeing words on a page, and hearing her voice in my head, I could hear her actually talking, see how she interacted with her own hooligans, how she mothered me (I was sick). How they all opened their hearts and home to us. Crazy interlopers from the Great White North.

Ohio Trip 2012 047

What was really amazing about the trip? (In spite of the fact that we did not need splash pants?) Was really how WELL everyone got along. Talya and Eliana were inseparable. Keyzia and Amari have been crying about how much they miss each other. Ephraim taught everyone how to make paper airplanes. There was giggling, chasing, creating, and just enjoyment at each others company all around.

AmyJ took us to the Ohio Caverns, to the local Children’s Museum. We had Kewpie burgers for dinner, and toured the local mall.

Casting on together! Wheeee!

We cooked together, we cleaned together, we laughed. We watched the kids play. We knit. We browsed a yarn store. We watched our oldest girls begin to create the kind of relationship that her and I have.

Knitting buddies!

It was an amazing vacation, and even though I cried when we left (I always cry…), even though we were exhausted when we got home, I absolutely can’t wait to do it again.

Ohio Trip 2012 063

Sometimes? Connecting on the internet, or talking on the phone just isn’t enough. The link that you make by being together? When you feel the same way about the other person, even during an extended time together? That’s how you know that God gave you another sister.

Ohio Trip 2012 036


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