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To Market, To Market!

on November 3, 2011

I know, I know, it has been eons since I last wrote. I skipped Eph’s birthday post, and then went into a blog funk… there have been loads of changes in our household, and when I am overwhelmed, I tend to not do anything!

SO! In a nutshell, I got a part-time job, planned a Harvest Festival, and went to Houston for five days!

Since Houston is fresh on my mind, let’s go there, shall we?

My very good friend Bonnie who is an amazing pattern designer, asked if she could fly me down to help her out with the Fall International Quilt Market. I hmmd… I hawed… I debated… then I asked Ja what he thought. He politely and emphatically informed me that I would be stupid not to go! Arrangements were made for my friend Theresa to watch the hooligans, the ticket was booked, and 6 months later, I was on the plane!

I flew out on Thursday evening (it was supposed to be Thursday late afternoon, but it moved to evening… was an extra long flight… and I landed fairly exhausted… and with a terrible cough and chest cold.) BUT, it was SO GOOD to get to spend time with Bonnie! We’ve been online friends for years and years now, but had only met in person one other time. In May of this year, actually. Five days together was so much fun!

Admittedly, I had a hard time with homesickness on Sunday morning… was a wee bit (shut up, Bonnie) weepy, needed to talk to Ja and the kids. I was overtired, had that terrible cold, and woke up with a headache. I do have to say that I rallied! I had a little nap and abandoned poor Bonnie for most of the morning. Joining her when I felt a wee bit better.

Quilt market was crazy. I had no idea how huge this thing was, how huge the convention centre was, or how many people from how many different places there would be. We met people from New Zealand, Australia, the UK… And, amazingly, while it is still somewhat of a competition, everyone just seemed to want the best for each other. We hear, “how is your market going?” in genuine concern so many times that I lost count. People really wanted to listen, wanted to know about you, took a personal interest. It was really really lovely.

A few things that I learned about the South, in no particular order,

  • people are very very polite.  Willing to help.  Holding doors open.
  • apparently I was the one with the accent!
  • I say “eh” way more than I thought I did.
  • The highways and interstates are crazy.  Stacked on top of each other in layers.
  • Palm trees are kind of ugly.
  • You should not watch the movie The Birds this time of year while down South.
  • GREEN.  I left dead grass and most of the leaves off the trees, and went to green!
  • Texas Barbecue is to die for.
  • Old Texas men like to hit on young women.  (Although they jokingly say that once they’ve caught a woman, they’re too old to remember what to do with them…)
  • 64 degrees Fahrenheit is too cold to set the air conditioner at.  (note: don’t let the Cdn. be in charge of the a/c!)

I was actually really surprised at the culture shock to my system.  Granted, I am no jetsetter, prefer to stay home in my yoga pants and have friends over who don’t care if I’ve brushed my hair, but I was surprised at the differences.  In food, in culture…  The one hour time change was really hard for my body to get used to as well.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a ton of pictures to show you…  we were so busy at the convention centre!  I only have ONE picture of Bonnie, and NONE of the two of us together!

Her booth looked amazing.  She is such a talented designer.  I actually told quite a few people how spoiled I am with her easy to use patterns.  Bonnie has ruined me for all other patterns!
Phone Dump 177

People LOVED the underwear. Really really loved it. (It’s actually one of my fave patterns too. I even make it for my girls to wear under their skirts… little bit of stretch lace around the legs instead of cuffs, and voila!)

We of course made a visit to Joann’s where I got a healthy bag of fabric for a ridiculously good price…

Phone Dump 179

Some of the other booths at quilt market were beyond amazing. Huge, almost like cities… A few of my favourites were,

The entire Riley Blake booth,

I think they have some of my favourite fabrics. The designs are gorgeous, and there are so many coordinates. It makes it easy to put things together.

Phone Dump 182

Phone Dump 206

Phone Dump 207

Phone Dump 209

How awesome is this Dr. Seuss fabric? (I think it was by Michael Miller… but I’m not 100% on that one)

Phone Dump 183

Michael Miller also had a car in their booth…

Phone Dump 217

Yarn and fabric together, who could ask for more?

Phone Dump 185

This booth by Jane Simmons was stunning. That dress…. drooooooooooooooool….

Phone Dump 191

This yarn was amazing too. All hand dyed, but was very very expensive. Even at wholesale prices.

Phone Dump 192

Oh Birch Fabrics… all organic… I MUST get some of you!

Phone Dump 195

Phone Dump 196

Sandy Henderson’s ridiculously cute booth,

Phone Dump 201

Adorable, although I don’t remember whose booth it was…

Phone Dump 204

On our last night in Houston, we found a little out of the way barbecue place… where I got my one and only picture of Bonnie!

Phone Dump 226

I thought it was terribly flattering getting her shoving her mouth full of stuffed baked potato. heh.

It was a great trip. A little bit long to be away from the family, I missed them terribly, and all I seem to want to do now that I’m home is sit on the couch and be a part of the chaos and bustle.

Texas was a wonderful, warm place to visit. But Canada? Canada is home.


One response to “To Market, To Market!

  1. Allyson says:

    Glad you had an awesome time, except for the cold, but glad to have you back!

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