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Photography Friday – Motion edition!

on July 22, 2011

Ah, photography Friday… how you love to torment me!

My Mum and I decided to just keep the settings at photographer’s choice, and just alternate the subject back and forth. Although, since we have a new participant perhaps she should get a turn too?

Previous entries can be found here. The rules are here. My Mum’s blog is here, and Shari’s blog is here.

Really, the biggest problem with the subject of motion, one that I didn’t think about when I first chose it, is that my kids, while perpetually in motion, are not allowed to be the main subject of the photo. Tricky!!

However, such rules do not, methinks, apply to the family dog!

This is Kiwi. She is an Australian shepherd Lab cross, and she is absolutely moronic about water. She splashes in it, and then barks and tries to bite her splashes. She’ll chase the water from the hose in circles. And she will do this for HOURS. It’s quite absurd, actually.

Photo Challenge - Motion

Photo Challenge - Motion

Photo Challenge - Motion

I did these with pretty fast shutter speed to catch the idiot dog moving. It was bright enough out, that I didn’t have a problem really.

Next week my Mum has chosen the topic of “Perspective” tricky tricky!!


2 responses to “Photography Friday – Motion edition!

  1. mom says:

    Love, love the third one, even though I did see a little peek of a certain grandson in the pic. LOL

  2. Shari says:

    Ah yes you did Jeannine, but he is not the main subject of the photo! LOL! Have I redeemed myself Jamie?
    Beautiful shots! Great Job! I can’t choose which one I like best!

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