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Photography Friday – The Sunday Edition

on July 10, 2011

Would you like my litany of excuses as to why it is Sunday, and I am only now posting my photos for the challenge with my mama?

I will spare you the list that begins with so much snot, a wee bit of fever, and just plain exhaustion, and instead I will regale you with the poem that Talya just told me,

Roses are sweet
Roses smell
And I love you so much

(she insisted that it be pink)

And one more,

Roses are sweet
I love you so much
I feel like I want to kiss you

ANYWAY, back to the challenge! So, I chose Joy as the subject, Mum chose user preference for the setting, but it had to fall under S A P or M.

Previous entries can be found here. Rules are here.

I had a hard time feeling motivated this week! Maybe because of the 900 pictures I took at my lovely sister’s wedding? (You can see some of them here.)

So, here’s what I have. I used the Shutter setting, altho my pics seem a bit dark…

The hooligans are super duper happy that Ja found this weird piece of slippery plastic in the garage. Some hose water, copious amounts of dishsoap, and voila! Joy!

July 2011 186

July 2011 190

and, of course, the trampoline shot!

July 2011 198

So, next week, Mum wants to use some of the in camera editing features. Six shots, three each SOOC, and one edited in camera. I chose user’s choice for settings. I guess that means the topic is wide open?


2 responses to “Photography Friday – The Sunday Edition

  1. Mom says:

    Love the shot of Talya, I also love her poetry.

  2. Mom says:

    Love the shot of Talya, I also love her poetry. So did you slide too?

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