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Photography Friday – Out Edition!

on June 24, 2011

I have this friend. Her name is AmyJ, and she is rotten. I told her she could choose our photo subject this week, and she chose “out”. When I said to her, “What were you THINKING??” she laughed evilly, I’m sure, and said she was trying to make us think “Out of the Box”.


Anyway, to recap, all of my challenge posts are here, and my Mum’s are here.

I actually don’t think the Shutter, or S setting was really the best one for this topic… It would have been better with the A or aperture setting. Shutter speed, seems to me, to be good for lots of action type shots.

I took quite a few pictures like this,
June 2011 278
before I remembered that unless it was bright, I would need to slow the shutter speed down to let in enough light. (I should have really listened to the flashing warning on the Nikon that the subject was too dark… but alas, this IS supposed to be a learning experience after all.)

I kind of went with things coming out… like flowers, etc…

Out - Shutter setting

Out - Shutter setting

Out - Shutter setting

I LIKE the pictures, but I don’t think they’re terrible interesting. That’s why I like to play with aperture. I like the interesting depth that playing with the aperture gives.

Join us next week for the fully manual setting! OOOOOOOO!! I’m a wee bit nervous about that one! Check out Mum for what the topic will be.


One response to “Photography Friday – Out Edition!

  1. Mom says:

    I like the yellow flowers but I agree that aperature would’ve been better with the subject.
    Full manual, you’re kidding right. Such a bad girl!

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