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Multitude Monday – 1000 Gifts

on February 14, 2011

It’s been a hard week here this week. We’ve had illness galore, of the children, and then the mama. The kind of whining draining illness that coops you up in the house for days on end. When you consider simply putting a quarantine sign on your front door, so that no one else will fall sick.

On those weeks, those weeks are the ones where counting the multitude of blessings are so important.

382. Children snuggling, getting well, comforted by mama’s arms.
383. News from a sister that a new baby is coming soon!
384. Wedding dates set.
385. Knitting for a new nephew
386. A very good friend who offers to take over the knitting of a project that hurts.
387. That man I married, taking care of all of us.
388. The beginning of a new study.
389. Dinner with friends.
340. Skating rinks and snow piles in the backyard.


Painting 004

Painting 003

Painting 002

Painting 001


2 responses to “Multitude Monday – 1000 Gifts

  1. Great Aunt Joyce says:

    Love to see that the afghans are in use…
    Just wondering if I know the sister that has just announced that she is pregnant….

  2. Craig says:

    I know it’s Friday and Ann’s “Multitude Monday” was ages ago – but there are so many lists to get through. I’m really glad I made down to yours.
    Before I tell you may favorite one I have to say that I think you must be a great mom. And how it’s always this way – you take care of everyone – then it’s your turn – I hope they took care of you. 🙂

    And my fave?? ~ well it’t the one right after the list. A dad reading to his kids, his kids falling asleep on his lap – on their dad – knowing that that’s where it’s safe and warm and protected – I heart that photo.

    Thank you for your list.

    God Bless and Keep You and yours

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