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The Grinch? Scrooge? A Christmas Round up, if you will.

on December 30, 2010

I’m usually pretty Grinchy around Christmastime. It’s the timeless story of old, the mama figures out what presents are needed, what presents are going to be made, when the family goes where, when other family comes to us… etc, etc…

I generally start to feel the pressure when the carols hit the radio station in mid November.

It really sucks, frankly, and in past years I’ve had a hard time myself getting away from the whole DO DO DO of the season, and getting back to WHY we celebrate…

Last year we started a Jesse Tree.  Granted, we started it late last year, but we did okay this year.  The hooligans absolutely adore this tradition.  Every night of the days of advent, we sit down together on the couch, light some candles, read a devotional, and they each take a turn hanging the ornament on the tree.  Then we pray and blow out the candles, and off the wee little rascals go to bed.

I really love this tradition, it’s so cozy and nice.  Every night it re-focuses us on the true reason after the hustle and bustle of the day.

Yesterday we had a little get together with Ja’s family at our house.  Ian and Anna came with Beatrice (or byootitrice as Talya calls her), and Ja’s mom and dad came as well.  It was weird to not have Kenny or Jessie with us.  The first Christmas that it’s been just us and Ian and Anna.

But, Ja’s dad always teases me about wanting Christmas to be over.  Rather mercilessly, some days.  So, I started leaving up our tree and decorations until AFTER we get together with them.  Which means that today, they came down!  YAY!

It’s weird, as much as I like the pretty lights, the garlands, the Jesse tree… it’s almost like sensory overload after a while.  I just NEED it to be gone, need to get back to routine, need to go to bed earlier… all of those things.

The house is relatively tidy at the moment, the year is almost over, and we will start anew.  Always hoping to improve this year on the last.

On that note, a couple of things I’ve made recently for people for Christmas!  (I think I managed about 80% handmade this year… not too shabby!)

These are pyjamas that I made for my niece, Beatrice.  I used one of my ever favourite patterns, the Emmy.  Bonnie of Fishsticks Designs has some of my most favourite patterns EVER (more on that in a future post!)

Christmas Presents 2010

Beatrice also got a Violet Bit of Whimsy Doll.  To match her jammies.

Christmas Presents 2010

For little Samuel I made a Jamie Jumper (also from Fishsticks Designs).

Christmas Presents 2010

I haven’t made this pattern before, but I really really loved it. It was very fun to sew, something new, and while I did screw up the bottom a little bit, I don’t think anyone will notice if you people keep your mouths shut.

Sam also got a little hand knit teething gnome…

Christmas Presents 2010

These take about 2 hours start to finish… including finding your needles, and rooting through the stash to find the yarn you want to use. Much fun!

And now, as I realize this post is probably one of my most poorly written ones, and that I don’t really have an end, and can’t post too many more things I made because I either a) don’t have pictures of them, or b) haven’t seen all of the family members who are to receive those gifts… I really don’t have a way to end it. HA!

So, how bout with this…. happy children opening a family gift together… hmm?

Christmas 2010 046

Now move along. There’s nothing more to see here!


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