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Multitude Monday – One thousand Gifts

on December 20, 2010

On a day when it’s hard to see that youngest one as the precious gift that she is. When the smell of what the dog did hits you smack in the face when you come home. When you are just tired. Tired of… well, everything. Especially after a weekend where the gifts come in profusion, when it’s then… that’s when you need it most. To count those gifts. To keep a running tally on the love poured down from above.

367. Seeing old friends. Good friends. When you can finish each others sentences, and have known each other for so long, that none of those little things matter anymore.
368. A Mum and a Dad who come to you, who bring thoughtful and useful gifts.
369. Watching my mum with my kids. Her granddaughters and grandson, playing with them, listening to them, enjoying them.
370. Watching my dad take interest in everything they say, every scheme they come up with.
371. Joy at the design of a bird feeder that the birds love.
372. “New” van. With heat. Paid off right from the start.
373. Sewing, knitting, hands that can create gifts.
374. Bills paid.
375. That man, that wonderful man that God gave me, who listens, who hears, who understands.
376. Music and the peace that comes from blaring worship music, right at the time when you don’t feel much like worshiping.
377. The coming season, and the waiting… the remembering the true season.
378. The grins of excitement on the child’s eyes who’s turn it is to find the ornament of the night.
379. Rosy red cheeks after time spent outside.
380. Peace.
381. The wonder, once again, of unwrapping the carefully packed away ornaments. The telling of the story of each one. The gentle and thoughtful placement on the tree.

Christmas tree 2010

Christmas tree 2010

Christmas tree 2010

Christmas tree 2010


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