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Multitude Monday – One thousand Gifts

on December 13, 2010

There are those days.  Those days when you have to count your thanks with every breath that you take.  The days when finding the things to be thankful for is hard.  When it has to be simple little things, the tiny little things that let you know… let you know that someone cares.

And you have big things happen in your life, big things and you wonder, because sometimes, sometimes, it’s harder to see God in those big things.  And then, on top of the big things, the little things start going wrong…  like broken vans, and dryers, and vacuum cleaners.  But, but, God takes care of those little things one by one.  He has someone gift a dryer and a vacuum.  He has an insurance company completely reverse a decision in your favour.  And then, then is when you see, then is when you know, that when He cares THAT MUCH about those little things?  When He is showing Himself in those little things?  How much, oh, how very much more are His hands right in the middle of the big thing.

353.  Friends and friendship that gives both ways.
354. A new-to-us dryer, a huge huge improvement on the old one.
355. A brand spanking new vacuum cleaner, generously gifted from one only known online.
356. Continual pep talks from a cherished one in another country.
357. Righteous outrage from one who seems to have been a friend since the beginning of time.
358. A new-to-us van, with HEAT. Hopefully to be picked up on Wednesday.
359. Chocolate.
360. Jacuzzi tubs.
361. Weekends away, and reconnecting with the one who loves me so.
362. Parents who jump in, who have been in tight spots before and are in a position to help as much as they can.
363. Grinning four year olds, so very very pleased to be four.
364. Other friends, loaning out their vehicles without a question.
365. The Jesse Tree, and the glee at counting down the days.
366. Seeing Him in all those little ways, and trusting, TRUSTING how He is there in all the big ways.

4th Birthday 013

Vacuum! 007

Grocery Bags 002

Grocery Bags 003


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