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And then she was Four.

on December 5, 2010

Ah Talya.

You, who will be the last baby that we birth.  The last baby that I nursed.  You who all the firsts are also becoming the lasts in this house, you are four.


Birthday 013

I remember your sweet pudginess, right from birth.  How cuddly you were.  How you wanted to be held all the time, how “moo” was your favourite thing ever.

And now here you are, four years old.  Four seems so… old… with you.  It’s not a toddler anymore.  It’s not a baby anymore.  Four is independent.  Four is being able to dress yourself, four is imaginative, four is singing all the time.

Inside or Out Pocket Pants, size 5

You are happy when you are the centre of our attention.  But, you are not happy to be singled out in a group.  You want us to see how high you can jump now that you’re four.  You want us to watch how fast you can run.  Comment on how beautiful your pictures are.

Fall Walk - Bridgenorth trail

You insisted that when you turned four, no one would be able to recognize you. That your Sunday school teacher would be shocked that you were four now.

Un-Back to school party

Four is going to hold big things for you, you told us. When asked what those big things were, you just grinned at us in your monkeyish way.

Un-Back to school party

You are still the snuggliest child. You love to climb into bed with either us or your brother. I’m sure if your big sister could stand to sleep with anyone, you’d be right there in bed with her. You’ve been that way ever since your dramatic entrance into the world, content as long as you were close to a warm body.

4th Birthday 005

I love the way you sing about everything. From pooping, to what’s for dinner, you have a song for it. You’ll play intricate little games with everything, from the counting bears, to the bucket of markers. There’s always a mom and a dad and several kids… usually in song.

4th Birthday 010

You, my sweet Talya are just absolutely perfect. Stubborn. Joyful. Giggly. Full of songs. You are a joy, and I am so thankful for you. We wouldn’t be complete without you.

4th Birthday 012



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