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The REAL New Year started last week

on September 12, 2010

I say bah to January 1st being the new year.  I also say bah to spring cleaning.  In this house?  The organizing bug hits mid August.  Just in time for the new school year to start in September.

I cleaned out cupboards, we painted bedrooms.  I sorted through all the homeschool books.  Set up schedules and binders.  Printed out a ridiculous amount of stuff in prep.

I’m hoping to start posting a wee bit more, altho, when I say that, then I never do, so we shall see.  Perhaps reading Lisa’s posts will inspire me in some way?

But, today, what I wanted to talk about was this nifty new thing we’ve been doing in our house.  It’s like a communication journal.  The purpose behind it was to get the hooligans to do more writing.  What’s interesting is that it has become so much more than that!

Each hooligan has a journal.  We started out with me writing a little letter to them in the front of the journal, explaining what it was, and asking them to write me back when they wanted to.  I also explained that we might not write in it EVERY day…  I didn’t want to get bogged down in it being another “have to”.

And this is where the kids surprise me.  As they do with every second of their lives, it seems…  I thought that it would be Zi who was mega into it, writing all the time…  but it has actually been Eph!!  He LOVES it, and actually is very conscientious about writing us back in a timely fashion.  Talya ripped all of the pages out of hers, and cut them into confetti.


Here are some wee little examples…  with translation as needed.

Communication Journals

And the response,

Communication Journals

Dear Momma,

I finally wrote back to you and I’m pretty sure that you didn’t cry yourself to sleep.  I love to write back to you cuase I like to write.  Please send me an extra long letter today.  Thanks.  Love, Zi

And this is one of my favourite ones from Zi,

Communication Journals

Dear Momma,

Thanks for taking us to the beach.

I really want a pair of binoculars so I worked out a deal.  I could not have attitude for two weeks, and after that I could get a pair of binoculars.  It might not work too good, but I could try.  Love, Keyzia.  PS.  Please don’t say, “we’ll see”, okay?  Thanks.

So, of course, I responded thusly,

Communication Journals

((She did it, btw… very little attitude for two weeks. Now, however? Not so much. ))

And Ephraim. Oh Ephraim. His letters are phenomenal… even if it often takes both Ja and I to figure out what he’s saying!

September 166

Dear Momma and Daddy,

I’m working on a book that you might like.  And I think that is what I want to be, A writer.  Love, Ephraim

Ja responded to that one with this,

September 167

And one more from Eph,

September 165

Dear Momma,

I’m sorry to say that I couldn’t think of a story.  Maybe tomorrow or next week.  I hope you understand.  Well, that is all I have to say.  Love, Ephraim.

These are seriously one of the greatest things that we’ve started and stuck with in our house.  Probably when Talya is older, she’ll be a little more inclined to not make her notebook into confetti.  😉

I just love how little nuances of their personality comes out in what they choose to write to us.  It’s become a really positive and encouraging thing all around.  Even if it’s been a rough kind of day, to come up with something positive to write in the notebooks is a good way to end the day on an up note, instead of dwelling on the crappy wishIcouldputthemonthebus parts.

Stay tuned for the organizational/scheduley type things coming up soon!


3 responses to “The REAL New Year started last week

  1. Angel Morris says:

    I LOVE this. Fabulous idea and we will be implementing this immediately!! You are a fabulous Mom ❤ ❤

  2. Madre says:

    Jamie, what a wonderful idea! I have to admit, I loved the “I’m pretty sure you didn’t cry yourself to sleep” sentence. What a character! Keep it up; I’m sure this experiment will get more and more interesting and is such a neat window into your kids’ lives. Love you!

  3. Jacqueline says:

    I love it! I’ve been wanting to do something like this. My almost 5 year old is starting to really like trying to write. We tend to write notes to one another, especially during church service. 🙂 I love the idea of having a notebook especially for it. I think I shall go buy a new notebook. 🙂

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