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The next thing.

on August 6, 2010

We’ve had a bit of a rough month over here in the Wolters’ household.  First we lost Ja’s brother, with all of the extra stuff that goes along with it.  Then, this week, Ja’s Beppe went home to meet Kenny.

Now, this is an amazing life.  She was 90 ish years old.  Had 12 children.  40 grandchildren.  42 great grandchildren.  When she died, she was 3 days shy of her 70th wedding anniversary.  Now, that is a legacy.

It’s a funny thing though, all of this death that we’ve been struggling our way through.  Ja has said about his Beppe many times, “this one just makes sense at least.  It makes sense.”  A long life.  Many many descendants.  A faithful life.  She had hard times, she had good times.  Whenever I saw her, she had a grin on her face, and even with all of those grandkids and their spouses kicking around, she never ever forgot my name.  Every Christmas she would warmly clasp my hand in hers and say, “Yamie.  So happy you are here.”  (She was dutch, hence the “y”)

It’s a tricky place to be though, this reeling from death, reeling from grief.  We just seem to get our feet under us, and then are knocked for a loop again.  But, I know that we are held up.  That this too shall pass, and on the other side, and there always is an other side, we will stand tall, proud of our memories and happy to share them.

In the meantime tho?  In the meantime we simply do the next thing.  And the next thing leads to the next.  And eventually, it will become routine again, this doing the next thing, and then the new reality, the new life without those few loved ones will feel normal.

Just do the next thing.


One response to “The next thing.

  1. Katie says:

    I have been absent in the blogging world lately. Just not much time to catch up on everyone like I would like to. I’m so sorry for your losses…but glad to see you have a good outlook.


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