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Multitude Monday – One thousand Gifts

on June 14, 2010

Even though I’ve missed a couple of weeks, it is never too late to count those blessings.  (More about the party and the romantic weekend later…)

311.  farewell cancer party
312. family and friends gathered to help celebrate
313. turkey
314. Dads who are crazy about barbecuing
315. pot luck
316. sisters who don’t like having their picture taken, but do it anyway
317. Moms who are obviously beaming with joy at having her girls all together
318. sisterly bickering
319. sisterly drama (the fun kind)
320. cattle prods
321. discussing the possibility of cattle prod use in the raising of children
322. hooligans running around with water guns
323. Moms running around with water guns
324. Old, rickety play structures
325. bossy friends who steal your children and send you away for the weekend
326. long walks and reconnecting with the one you’re supposed to be with
327. bathtubs big enough for two
328. lingerie (pretend you didn’t read that, Dad!)
329. sleeping in
330. king sized beds
331. a breakfast fit for kings and queens
332. more walks, over top of the river
333. butterflies and bugs
334. crisp cold water to cool off hot feet
335. Remembering why, remembering when, remembering love

kicking cancer party 047

kicking cancer party 048

kicking cancer party 041

kicking cancer party 040

Kicking Cancer's Arse

Kicking Cancer's Arse

Kicking Cancer's Arse

Romantic Weekend

Romantic Weekend

Romantic Weekend

Romantic Weekend


3 responses to “Multitude Monday – One thousand Gifts

  1. Russell says:

    Finally! 😉 You know how I hate waiting . . . but I love reading your blog! Mwah!

  2. Theresa says:

    The bossy friend has learned from the best. 🙂 Love you!

  3. Mom says:

    So where are the pictures of the sister who doesn’t like her picture taken?
    You’re right I was beaming cause my whole family was together! It was awesome!

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