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The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

on April 9, 2010

It’s an interesting thing, having a daughter.  I wonder if my mama feels the same way, or if the novelty wore off after the fourth daughter emerged from her womb.

It’s an especially interesting thing to have a daughter who is just exactly you… in miniature.  She’s my mini me.  I suppose, a better word than interesting might be frightening?  Down right scary??  Ooooh boy hold on to your boots, there are TWO of them????

But, I digress.

Zi is emotional (like me), she is easily easily hurt (like me), she tries to get away with things by simply pretending they don’t exist (like… well, you get the idea).

But, above all, she is crafty and creative.  She is fearless when it comes to creating things, and she is addicted to anything fiber related.  I LOVE that.  I can have my own knitting party ANY day of the week in my own house!  With titillating conversation even!

(((don’t tell my lovely knitting associates, but sometimes… just sometimes…  the conversation out of my 8 year old is more amusing than what comes out of their addled brains…)))

Zi’s birthday happened to fall on knit night at the library here in town.  I hadn’t been to it before, but Rachel and I decided that it would be a cheap fun thing to do for her birthday.

So, off we went.  After, of course, having dinner, making a mess, having to bathe the girls because of the copious amounts of mud existing on their persons.

They had a lovely little demonstration of spinning on a drop spindle while we were there.  I do have my own drop spindle, but I can always use some pointers… I’m not terribly good at it, and my heart YEARNS for a spinning wheel…

I had some pencil roving and my drop spindle with me, and another friend had met us there as well.  Oh my goodness, that child, MY child, the one that gave me heartburn and 18 hours of back labour, she was a natural.  She ate it up.  She couldn’t get enough.

Her only difficulty was spinning the spindle while holding onto the twist in her fiber.  Solution?  Enlist a helper!

March 101

He was absolutely as enthralled with the spinning as she was! He would have spun that spindle for her endlessly.

March 100

I can’t believe what a great team they were. A little give, a little take… he is a pro spindle spinner, I tell ya, and she can put twist in roving like there’s no tomorrow.

March 092

He looks so serious here, but he was SO PROUD when I told him he’s officially a knitter.

March 084

You know, I always think about knit night as an escape… a way to get away from the hooligans, and yes, even Ja sometimes. But, when we took the kids to this knit night… I can’t tell you how much fun I had. What a JOY it is to share such a time honoured tradition with them. To watch them revel in the learning. To see that switch flip, to see them truly get it for the first time. To watch that first independent stitch come off the needle, to see the fiber not split as it’s spun. I also loved how they were welcomed into the community of knitters. And there were folks of all ages there.

Absolutely you guys are Knitters. With a capital K.


One response to “The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

  1. Katie says:

    Very cool that your kiddos like to knit and are so good at it! Again, wish I was better at such crafty things!

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