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TOS Review – Family Mint

on March 8, 2010

Finances are tricky…  I think that if you weren’t taught how to properly handle money, then it’s incredibly difficult to teach it to your children.

Family Mint, Helping Kids appreciate money. I mean, honestly, what can be bad about that???  Know what else is great?  Wait…  do you really?  Do You wanna know?  come on, admit it, you totally do…

Okay, okay, it’s…


I know, crazy, right?

So, this program, that is really like a virtual bank for yourself and your hooligans (but you are the banker), is completely and absolutely free.

  • Family Mint is money management for kids where parents are the bank.
  • Kids manage their own money by setting goals and entering transactions.
  • Parents motivate kids through:
    ~ Interest rates they set themselves
    ~ Automated allowance
    ~ Matching deposits on important goals

Kids can:

  • Set goals for items they want to save for,  and even allocate money to donate to a charity of their choice.
  • Log into their own accounts to set goals, or request withdrawals which can be approved or denied by the parent when  he or she logs in.
  • View plenty of graphics and visualize where their money came from, where it’s going and how to manage it.

Parents can:

  • Log in and see all of their children’s accounts at one time.
  • Make deposits and set up automatic deposits of allowance each week, if so desired.
  • Set up a set amount of interest on savings, or match deposits made on important goals.

You can use your own hooligans real allowance and savings, or you could just assign them a virtual amount of money to play with.  Either way, what a GREAT learning tool.

This is a bit above my hooligans ability to use on their own, but with some guidance, it’s not too bad at all.

Go, check it out.  It’s Free, seriously, what do you have to lose?


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