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Fear is like Pain.

on January 31, 2010

In my daily bible readings of late, I have been underlining all the instances of fear, of what fear is akin to, of how the Lord gives us fear as a gift.  To HELP us.

And then I stumbled across Ann Voskamp’s posts for this weekend.

(((As an aside, go read her blog.  Read it regularly.  You will be challenged, you will be uplifted, and you WILL be blessed by her incredibly talented writing.)))

‘Fear is like pain.

Pain is given as an indicator that something is going on. Pain says, “Hey, pay some attention here.” Step away from the flame. Get that splinter out. Cease what you are doing, the child is coming now. Go to the doctor and see what’s causing this.

Fear does the same.

Where fear pops up, makes itself known, there stands God, right behind me, right with me, saying,

Pay attention here! I am doing something with you. The timing of this fear is not by accident. Let’s have the conversation that needs to happen here. This is the topic. This is the time.”

Go there.”

~ a note from  Marilyn Yocum at As Good a Day as Anya deeply insightful writer and generous heart


Go.  Read why the Lord gave us the gift of fear.


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