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Multitude Monday – One Thousand Gifts

on January 4, 2010

Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim his greatness.  Let the whole world know what he has done.
1 Chronicles 16:8

47.  sunshine, even on a cold day
48. husbands who make chiropractor appointments for their wives, just because the wife is too lazy to do it.
49. daughters reading in a patch of sunlight.
50. cousins screaming in the basement… just… because.
51. Aunts who take time to build with their nieces and nephews.
52. The partner of the aunt who takes a genuine interest in the nieces and nephews.
53. Cold cold weather and glorious wood heat
54. chubby faced snuggly nephews
55. brothers scheming together
56. Homekeeping journals
57. Visiting new churches and having lunch with good friends
58. Making decisions… long awaited, and having peace about them.
59. gleefully crossing things off of a to do list
60. Waking up next to my one true love every morning

december 09 037

december 09 025

december 09 026

december 09 030

december 09 034

december 09 035

december 09 022

december 09 038


One response to “Multitude Monday – One Thousand Gifts

  1. annesta says:

    #60…waking up next to one true love every morning…we are working on year 31 of waking up next to each other…it’s amazing!

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