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Multitude Monday One Thousand gifts

on December 21, 2009

holy experience

It’s a funny thing, giving thanks. Being thankful for the little things. Not dwelling on the crappy things. Ann Voskamp over at Holy Experience has been counting the little gifts from God that we may otherwise take for granted.   Just little things like leaves floating in puddles, or the sound of the wind through the trees… things that are uniquely hers.  The Lord made HER unique, and so she, and you, and I, will all see things and receive things in a different way. I tend to dwell on the negative.  Cry out to God about the injustices of the world.  Thereby bringing my whole mindset and attitude down. He sends me these gifts to lift me up.  I just need to notice them, be thankful, and be able to refer to them.

Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done. 1 Chronicles 16:8

I have been given much. I am given much every single day. It’s about time I stood up and took notice of it. So, every Monday I am going to try and list things that I have been thankful for over the past week. At least ten things, hopefully more.   Check out Ann’s Gratitude Community for more uplifting lists!

  1. husbands who get up at all hours of the night with sick children.
  2. the washing machine
  3. children who snuggle and take comfort in the mama
  4. chocolate covered cherries
  5. wood heat
  6. free wood
  7. the sun glistening and sparkling on the snow… covering up all the mud and yuck
  8. the Birth
  9. the plans to not run, to spend the day at home.  With those who matter most.
  10. gentle and soothing piano music
  11. twirly skirts
  12. grinning boys
  13. The three
  14. husbands who work in the cold cold garage, simply to make something special
  15. friends who call when we’re sick… just to make sure we’re okay
  16. old friends… the kind who you can always count on, even tho they are far away
  17. internet friends who will probably never be met this side of heaven
  18. yarn and shiny smooth needles
  19. the gentle hum of the sewing machine while a daughter creates
  20. love in all it’s hardships and all it’s tenderness

Christmas 2009 Christmas 2009 Christmas 2009 Christmas 2009 December09 110


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