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TOS Review – 3P Learning Mathletics

on December 16, 2009

Ah math.  I have a real love hate relationship with math.  It’s a tricky thing, really, and I was definitely not taught in a way that was easy for me to learn.  I still, at the age of 32, don’t know my multiplication tables, how sad is that???

Bring in Mathletics!  A fun web based game that teaches and helps kids learn math facts by competing with other children from around the world, or to rack up points by working through grade-specific content, which includes step-by-step animated support. There is access to additional games at Rainforest Maths, and the students get to go shopping for clothing and backgrounds for their character with the credits they earn from many of the above activities.  There are also games that reinforce math concepts.  In other words, the students have a variety of ways to interact with math.

“Real” interactions with math are really the way to go.  I find that it sticks better in their minds if it’s made more real for them…  Addition is more fun when you are adding things up to see what you can buy, for example.

The graphics are fun, and the kids get to choose their own avatar like thing that represents them.  And, it’s fairly easy to navigate.

Parents can view progress online, print out workbooks for use by the child, and can receive weekly progress emails, so it is fairly easy to keep track of what your child is learning.  You can also set it up so the child will have to complete certain activities first, before having access to everything.

Now, all that being said, and while I think it’s a really neat idea, my hooligans weren’t crazy about the site.  I really thought that they would be much into it, but they got discouraged easily when someone beat them (I know, I know, we’re working on that one), and they have not asked to play it.  That’s really the key for me.  If after I introduce something, they ask to play it repeatedly, then I know that they are enjoying it.

It is definitely a tricky thing, finding something that your kids are interested in, and while I think this is a wonderful site, and definitely worth checking out, it’s really not for us.

The bottom line?  Mathletics is an internet subscription based product, with a price of $59 per student per year.  If you know the Human Calculator’s favorite number (hint:  it’s ‘9’!) and you enter that when asked, you can purchase a single child subscription for $49.95 (American funds) for a year at their website.

Disclaimer: The only compensation that I received for this review was a free copy of the materials. I will give honest and truthful reviews, and where concern is warranted, it will be noted.


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