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Boats. A Commentary from Ephraim.

on December 1, 2009

The other day I was toodling around on the computer, chatting with AmyJ on messenger, and Eph was sitting beside me nattering away.

((((As an aside, do YOU use the word nattering?  I’ve been informed that it’s an unusual word… that some people have never heard it before…  that chattering is more common.  Help me out here, people…))))

My part of the conversation basically consisted of “mmhmm…  really?  You would?  That’s cool!”

His part went a wee bit like this…

“Maybe when I grow up, I could be a toy boat maker!”
“and you guys can come, and I would give you boats for free.”
“if I had my OWN workshop, I could make as many boats as i wanted.”
“say I had wood in there, I could make REAL boats.”
“as many as I wanted.”
“I JUST need a workshop.”
“I could make canoes, and rock boats, and even metal ones!”
“if I only had my own workshop.”
“maybe sometime when it’s spring, we could go to the beach and try the boat out.”
“people would probably be CRAZY with THAT.”

As AmyJ pointed out, he could make as many boats as he wanted, because there would be no boat police to stop him.

I love these little glimpses into how their minds work.  It’s so fascinating what comes out of their mouths when you really listen… listen without interrupting.

And now I’m off to figure out how I can give him his OWN workshop for Christmas…  Ja may have a problem with that one.

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