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sWHine flu or oink oink or Please save me from this quarantine.

on November 12, 2009



Well, it has been a long and rough week here in the Wolters’ household.

A lonnnnnnnnng week.  One where much of it was spent like this,

October09 281

With children too sick and too tired to fight about… well, anything, really.

((Seriously, do you SEE them all???  Sleeping PEACEFULLY???  In the SAME BED????  If I didn’t have a photo to prove it, well, I probably wouldn’t believe that it happened!!))

A week where only yesterday did I get up the energy to simply sit with this,

Getting out of the house

And where I haven’t even felt like knitting until today.

Scary, huh?

I think, though, that we may be coming through the other side… that as the kleenex boxes get lower and lower, and as tempers get shorter and shorter from being cooped up together for so (freaking) long, that we might… we might… make it through this thing alive.


Seriously though, the mounds of kleenex?  Piled here there and everywhere???  When Ja scooped up a bunch last night and threw them in the woodstove, I’m fairly certain that I heard the squealing of irate pigs as those nasty germ infested nose scrapers burned to a crisp.

Not that I could have if I wanted to, but even going through this?  I am still glad that I didn’t get the shot.  Natural immunity is worth it.

Or so I keep telling myself.


One response to “sWHine flu or oink oink or Please save me from this quarantine.

  1. ali says:

    Hope you’re all back up and running (and knitting, can’t forget the knitting!)

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