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TOS Review – The Amazing Bible World History Timeline

on October 13, 2009

And yet another vendor from the TOS Review Crew who has a special place in my heart… all because they were willing to ship this super cool triangle box thingy straight to me!

Okay, okay, so the box wasn’t THE coolest part…

Looks… er, cool, huh?

Okay, okay, so that picture is a wee bit hard to tell what this thing is.

Obviously it’s The Amazing Bible World History Timeline!  *cue orchestra in crescendo*

While this is a bit old for my hooligans, and they don’t totally understand it, it really is a super neat device.

I’ve always liked timelines.  I don’t have a head for dates or places, or what happened when, so without a visual, it’s hard for me to understand how things relate within time and place.

The Amazing Bible Timeline starts at Adam and goes on throughout history til the “end” of the bible, right up to the year 2000.  Better than that, though, it ALSO lines up biblical happenings with what was happening in other parts of the world.  For example, did you know that Confucius was around at the same time as Daniel (of the Lion’s den) and Jeremiah?   Or that Noah was alive at the same time as some of Adam‘s sons?  Which means that Noah could have heard about the garden of Eden from people who heard it first hand from the one who was there… that’s just one degree of separation.

The family lines from Noah are delineated by different colours, so you can see at a glance who belongs to which timeline.  Shem is yellow, Ham is blue, and Japheth is pink.

With the huge scuff coated timeline (it’s about 38″ by 46″), you also get these cool map download freebies.

While this is a really neat tool, and I can see how it can be used well, I do have to offer a word of caution as well.

There are a few references to the Book of Mormon here.  While I respect the rights of the LDS community to worship and believe as they will, there are some fundamental differences in our faith.  To use a book that contradicts much of my Christian faith in something that needs a good amount of research to back it, does put, for me, all of the dates in question.

I am going to quote here from a fellow TOS Reviewer, because I think that she put it much better than I did.

An internet search of the reference Mormon 6:6 reveals several key words to lead me to believe that The Book of Mormon is indeed being sourced here. (Mormon doctrine is in many areas in direct conflict with our fundamental Christian views and as parents I believe my husband and I are solely responsible before the Lord for the material to which we expose our children. This is something that we CAN NOT in good faith use to educate our children.)

((Please click the text to go directly to Tammi’s Post))

It’s actually something that I would not have noticed on my own.  Researching the product, however, does show two different websites that look strikingly similar.

LDS Book of Mormon Timeline!
With Bible and World History!


“Amazing Bible Timeline!”
With World History

(titles there are clickable)

From the LDS website.

The original timeline was compiled in 1939.  With our compilation we brought the Timeline up to the year 2000 and also increased the entries on the South American part of the Timeline.  For the LDS version,  we added Book of Mormon references and LDS history dates.

From the Amazing Timeline Website

The original World History Chart was compiled 1931.    Bill updated the Amazing World History Chart in 1975.  In  2000, we updated the Chart once again.  We brought the Timeline up to the year 2000, corrected the timeline with the new information available today and added North and South American dates for ancient peoples..

All that to be said, I don’t know if at this point we will be using the timeline in our schooling.  It’s definitely something that Ja and I will have to discuss in earnest.  It feels to me as if there is some dishonesty and subterfuge here, that makes me wary of being able to trust the timeline at all.  Even if there is a slight bit of untruth in something, it throws into question the truthfulness of the whole.

I honestly set out to write this review in a blaze of hype and positivity, and have only just been made aware of the discrepancies.  Is it enough to make you not buy it and put it to use?  I think that is something that you will have to decide yourself.

The cost in US funds is,

$29.97 for 1
$49.97 for 2
Shipping in the US is $6.

You can see what my fellow TOS Reviewers had to say about the Amazing Bible Timeline here.

Disclaimer: The only compensation that I received for this review was a free copy of the materials.  I will give honest and truthful reviews, and where concern is warranted, it will be noted.


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  1. Interesting review! Keep ’em coming!!!

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