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Somedays ya gotta…

on October 10, 2009

It has been one of those weeks.  One where I’ve been tired, the kids have been tired and cranky (I of course was only tired, but not cranky, grumpy or grouchy)  ((stop laughing, Russell!!)), and we should really have all just spent a long time in bed.

You know, I really love fall.  I love the cool days, the gorgeous colours, the no bugs… but, it’s with a sense of dread that I love it.  Cuz I know what is just around the corner…  Canadian winter.


Now, while Canadian winter is very conducive to getting a lot of knitting done, it is not conducive to soaking up a lot of vitamin D.  In fact, I basically don’t see the light of day until it’s “over” in… what?  June???

Winter is hard for me.  I already struggle with bouts of depression, and winter just seems to make it worse.  That coupled with the fact that it’s already been a bit of a miserably weathered summer, makes me dread what’s to come.

I’ve also, in this past week, had to come to terms with the fact that my “plan” for schooling my boy is simply not going to work for us.  Things need to change.  (stay tuned for a post alllllll about that in the near future…)  That is the beauty of homeschooling tho, right?  I can see that it isn’t working, and alter it so that it DOES work.

So, all of that led us to this past Thursday.  When we woke up and there was this strange yellow stuff beaming down on us… and the sky was this weird colour that we hadn’t seen outside of the crayon box in a very long time.  That meant that we ditched everything, picked up a few things,

October09 097

and dashed off to the park.

Oh my goodness. It was absolute and utter bliss. I sat in the sun eating peanuts and knitting. The children ran around like maniacs, coming back to join me and eat peanuts and pretzels… guzzle some water, and run off again.

October09 054

There were smiles that I hadn’t seen in a little while.

October09 035

((yes, I know her face is dirty… frankly, I don’t care.))

October09 090

There was sliding down slides and crashing into each other.

October09 042

There was much much walking on hands across the monkey bars, only to fall jump off at the end giggling with pride.

October09 080October09 083October09 084October09 085

I am fairly certain that the Lord knew I was at the end of my rope.  I had forgotten, albeit briefly, how to ENJOY them.  How to laugh so hard with them that my stomach hurt.  How to chase, how to just watch, and how to just BE.

I needed to be still that day, and I did.  It renewed me, it renewed all of us.

Hopefully the simple memory of this day will help get us through until the next one.  We just have to remember that there IS a next one, even if we have to make it be there.

October09 020


One response to “Somedays ya gotta…

  1. OMGosh, how do you stand all of the cuteness? Fantastic photos too. I love fall, the colours, no more mowing the grass!

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