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TOS Review – Nature Friends

on September 28, 2009

So, we all love to get things in the mail, right?  Well, being part of the Homeschool Crew has made me be disappointed a few times with some folks not wanting to send products up here to the Great White North.  That makes me have a special warm place in my heart for those that DO send me the good stuff!

And this?  This is the good stuff!

What do I think of Nature Friend Magazine?

Click on that picture. Go to that site. Get a subscription to this magazine right now.

The end.

Oh… you want to know a little bit more about it?  Fine then.

This is a sweet sweet magazine.  Seriously.  We were sent the August and September issues to review, and they are beyond gorgeous.  Great content.  All with a Christian basis, which is hard to find in a good magazine these days.  (Don’t even ask me what I saw on the cover of Cosmo this week… **shudder**)

I really love their message,

Since the doctrine of Divine Creation is the first and foundational one of Scripture, our children must be able to stand on it securely to withstand the undermining influences from our culture. Nature Friend has chosen not to be controversial or militantly confrontational about creation vs. evolution. Our policy has been to simply stand on the truth of God’s Word and to present it as enjoyable fact while learning about the creatures God has created. Nature Friend recognizes that God has planned for man to be wise stewards over His creation, and that He alone is to be worshiped, not His creation.

In the August issue not only did we learn about Owls, but we learned the method that was used to take the stunning PICTURES of the owls in the magazine. There are seek and find pictures, word searches, learn to draw pages and more.

Did I mention the pictures?  Oh my goodness, the pictures are stunning, vibrant, and should really be framed and put on the wall.

Monthly mottos, reader letters, and… wait for it… a little study guide to keep you going.

The study guide in the two issues that we received include things like crossword puzzles, fill in the blanks, a wee little writing lesson with an example…  Now, while those things themselves definitely are not very Charlotte Mason, my hooligans love them!  There are also living stories in these magazines that are great for learning about different aspects of Nature.  We learned about Cicadas in August (did you know that a Cicada can live underground before “hatching for up to 17 years????), and we learned about Walking Sticks in September.

Eph loved the detailed pics of the Cicadas hatching… surprise, surprise…

Nature Friend was truly a joy to find in my mail box.  Even my non-readers adored looking at the pictures, and both magazines are getting well thumbed through.

A one year Canadian Subscription for 12 issues will run you $49.  Two year will be $94.

A one year American Subscription for 12 issues will run you $36.  Two years will be $68.

The study guide can be added to either subscription for only $24 for 12 issues.

What my fellow TOS members had to say about Nature Friend can be found here.


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