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TOS Review – Edwardian Apron Pattern from Sense and Sensibility

on September 7, 2009

Now, let me tell you about Sense and Sensibility…  I already love so many of their patterns…  it’s absurd.

I’ve been sewing for a long time now, and I like to think of myself as a fairly experienced seamstress.  Mind you, I’ve never sewn in a zipper before…  the thoughts of sewing in a zipper make me want to curl up in the fetal position in the corner of my sewing room and suck my thumb.

But I digress, and thankfully there was no need for a zipper in the Girl’s Edwardian Apron Pattern.

These patterns are really from a forgotton era.  They go from the Regency Era, right to the 1940’s Swing Era.  You can buy most of the patterns either on heavy duty paper, or as an e-pattern that is delivered pretty much directly to your inbox.  Personally, I love e-patterns, even though they are often a pain in the butt to tape together.  But then you can just print as many copies as you need, no need to find a flat enough table to trace it all out!

So, the Girl’s Edwardian Apron Pattern is what I sewed up today with Zi.  Zi is seven (and a HALF, Mama, a HALF!!), but this was really too finicky and difficult for her to do, even with my hand over hand guidance.  She has done some sewing before, both on her own and guided, but nothing that NEEDED to match up like this one does.  And bias tape?  Yah, bias tape is tricky for the best of us.  ((We’re not going to pay too close attention to the stitching on mine, okay?))

The pattern that we got to review also came with a step by step audio e-class, as well as a follow along pdf file and videos.  Now now, I know that those who know me well are chuckling at the thought that I may have listened to, looked at OR followed the directions for something sewn… but really, have more faith in me, people!  I take this reviewing job seriously!!

The photo by photo e-class was actually really helpful, but I did get annoyed by the slow pace of having to listen to the audio…  I may have just let it play in the background so that I could get right to it.

september09 087

Zi absolutely loves the finished product! She wore it pretty much hot off the iron until pyjama time. It’s made out of a green baby whale cord that I got from good ‘ole Fabricland eons ago. She is a tall seven (and a HALF) year old, but this is the size 4-6 and it is very long on her, and quite big. The pattern goes from sizes 2-14, and If I had to make a guess, I’d say that the pattern does run a bit on the big size. Make sure that you measure, and don’t just go by the age sizing listed on the pattern.

september09 084

I used premade bias tape, A little bit more than two packages (although I used it on the bottom as well, just because I like the way it looks). The e-class and pattern does, however, have very very detailed directions on how to make your own bias tape if you would like it to match. I love high contrast, and I think that the contrast on this one is great! And anyway, Zi picked out the tape, so there.

september09 086

Now, and here’s where the true confessions come in, the pattern was a bit of a pain to tape together. Even with the template, my lack of good puzzle sense made it a wee bit tricky. I did get it eventually (obviously), but there may have been some frustrated foot stamping involved.

Also, I’m still not sure that I really understand where the gathers are supposed to lie. What happened in Zi’s apron is that I didn’t gather it near enough, so I ended up cutting the back belt longer to accommodate for that, and then I ended up taking it in at the end because it was so giant on her.

You can kind of see here what I mean by that.

september09 085

I ended up folding it over and sewing it down by about an inch and a half on either side of the back loops. It looks fine, and the next one I make, I’ll just make the gather that much bigger… if I can figure out the markings. There’s also an option for using darts instead… which is what’s used on the adult version (my most favourite apron EVER!). I may try that when I make Talya’s.

All in all, I really think that once again Sense and Sensibility really delivered… it is a great pattern, although you should have some sewing experience under your belt to get a nice finished product… in spite of the few troubles, it is definitely a pattern worth having.

september09 081

Sense and Sensibility patterns run from $7.95 for an e-pattern, to $12.95 plus shipping for a paper copy shipped to your door.  She also has some lovely $1 downloads that are worth checking out!

What my fellow TOS members had to say about Sense and Sensibility can be found here.


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