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Ah Six.

on August 23, 2009

Ephraim, my one and only son, my firstborn boy, you are six years old.  SIX!  When did that happen?  When did you end up on the closer side to ten??  I feel like just yesterday I was in labour and giving birth to you.  Snuggling you in your newness…

And now?

september09 061

Now you are this big… well. BOY.

You have attitude (you must get it from your father).

AmyJ Vacation 122

You are tenacious, you are strong, you are all boy.


You are always building things… anything. With sand, with lego, with blocks. If you’re not building, then you’re ripping things apart. Always with single minded intensity. When people ask your Daddy and I what kind of a hooligan you are, we always tell them that you bring a lot of intensity to the game. Once you are grown, I will always remember that about your childhood. Revel in it.


Within your intensity is that small boy you have always been, even though you get incredibly angry with me whenever I call you “little.” You screech with rolling eyes, “MaMA! I AM NOT LIT-TUL!” I can feel the rage roll off of you, the desire to be seen as big. Just more of your intensity.


My boy, while you are stubborn, while you are intense, you are in equal parts soft hearted and kind. Your heart is very very big, and you feel things very deeply.

AmyJ Vacation 073

You are quick to complement all the ladies in your life. Telling us we look nice. That we did a good job on something. Hugging us when we’re sad. I love it when you put your hand on my face and say that you love me.

June 050

Ah, Ephraim. You are not the first in our little family to turn six. But, you are my first experience with living, learning and growing with a six year old boy. You have turned my world upside down since that day six years ago when I first held you in my arms. I see the beauty in the world through YOUR eyes. The way you see how you can make this into that, and that into this. How much better it would be if we could just smash that thing over there to tiny bits and burn it up.

August 005

I love how easy it is to make your entire day wonderful. Surprising you with cake for breakfast…

June 070

I love that you said this was the best birthday ever, when all we did was spend the day with you. When all we did was let you choose what we were going to do with your day.

August 006

I love that the simple castle blocks your Daddy made you could be coated in gold you love them that much.

July 067

I love that you told me just a few days before you turned six that you would never be too big or too old to snuggle me. I love that you told me that while curled up in my lap, your hand buried in my hair.

August 002

Happy Birthday, darling son. You will never be too old or too big for me to snuggle either.


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