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TOS Review! Quarter Mile Math

on August 14, 2009

I tell ya, every trip to the mailbox is exciting these days!  Last week I did my little hop skip and jump over to the mailbox, and know what was waiting there?  Quarter Mile Math from Barnum Software.   So, I opened up the package, and then promptly did what I do quite often when I get something in the mail that needs more than two seconds of attention… I put it aside and forgot about it.


But then!  Then the children went to bed and I sort of recovered!  Ja and I popped the handy dandy cd into the computer, installed the program really easily, and without reading the manual (shhh) had no issues getting him and myself signed up.

And then?  Then we played.  And it was fun!  (and I was totally better than him!!)

So, what is Quarter Mile Math, you may be asking yourself?  It’s a program where you race either dragsters or riderless horses by answering questions that flash on the bottom of the screen.  There’s a great video on their website that explains a little bit how it works.

While using The Quarter Mile Math, your hooligan will “race” to the finish line in races covering a huge range of math topics.  Math topics ranging from simple addition and subtraction to integers and fractions.  There is also a keyboarding section that my hooligans are really getting the hang of!

The neat thing about The Quarter Mile is that, unlike most educational games or learning programs where you child might race against another child or the computer, your child is actually racing against his/her own past race times (which is motivation to do better and better each time).

There are a few different versions you can get, we received the deluxe version, but there are several other versions, including a school version, all ranging in price from $39.95 – $89.95 (American funds).

You can also review the student scores on one screen, see if/how they’ve improved, and where they might be struggling.  Ja definitely needs to work on his 37 times tables.

So, other than Ja and I having a blast and mocking each other, and staying up waaaay too late playing this… I suppose what really matters is if the kids like it?

Thus far this week I have heard,

“Can I play that racing game?”


“I like the cars best.”


“WOW!  Did you see that???”


“Just one more!”


It’s a pretty simple program, but the kids are really loving it.  You have the option to play against other people, or to just play against your five previous best scores.  My guys have just been playing against their five previous scores, because we have a few competition issues.  But that’s a topic for another post.

Ephraim was getting distracted from the questions because he likes to watch the cars race, but we showed him how to replay each race, and do the photo finish, and he does really well now!  He ALWAYS rewatches the race at the end.

Zi was a bit nervous because she likes to be “good” at something right away.  Also another issue for another post.  She likes the racecars because she said the horses clip clopping is distracting.

From my side, the only thing that I found a bit tedious was figuring out which category the simple subjects went under.  There are many many different ones, which is great, but it means I have to set them up before they can play.  Now, once they learn which ones they like to play, they’ll probably be able to memorize what order of categories to click on.  Zi will definitely be able to do that sooner than later.

All in all we think this is a really fun program.  I can definitely see improvement on speed, even just for learning where things are on the keyboard.  Ja and I like to play it, the kids like to play it… what’s not to love, really?

Cost: $39.95-$89.95

What my fellow TOS Crew Members have to say about the Quarter Mile Math can be found here.


3 responses to “TOS Review! Quarter Mile Math

  1. Carrie says:

    Great review, personalized!
    Carrie @ Gingerbread Mommy

  2. Nikki says:

    I’m glad everyone in your home likes this game:)

  3. Wow! You are SO good! Great read. Great pics. You are the total package, girlfriend!

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