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Many Faces

on August 10, 2009

Faces are so intriguing.  The differences, the expressions, eyes, how some faces show every single emotion, how some seem like they are always hiding something.

Kids faces are so open, so funny, so joyful.  I had so much fun taking these ones of a friend of ours.  I’m thinking about nibbling on him… just a little…

It took some coaxing…

June 006

Come on buddy…

June 007

Just let me take a couple…

June 008


June 009

With a little smile?

June 010

A little bigger?

June 013

Well now, that’s not too bad… of course the boy grinned away at me when I put the camera away, the stinker.


2 responses to “Many Faces

  1. T says:

    Oh, Jamie, I was just going through some of your posts (all of which I love, of course!) But this has to be my FAVOURITE!!!! (I may be a wee bit biased :)What a cute kid!

  2. jamie says:

    HAHAHAA, gee, I wonder why it’s your favourite??? Man, that kid is so smooshably cute!! 😉

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