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An Interview with Ephraim

on July 27, 2009

Me:  Hey Eph, you wanna do an interview for my blog?

Eph:  Sure!  um.  What’s an interview??

Me:  It’s where I ask you questions, and you answer them, and then I put your answers on the blog.

Eph:  Oooo, science questions???

Me:  Well…  not necessarily science questions…

Eph:  oh.

Me:  Are you ready?

Talya:  I’m ready too!  Can we do the llama song first??

Me:  Not right now, it’s Eph’s turn.

Me:  Okay.  What’s your name?

Eph:  Ephraim.  Ephraim Andrew W.

Me:  How old are you?

Eph:  Five Years Old.

Me:  What’s your favourite thing to do?

Eph:  hmmm.  Sports.  Biking… running… jogging… jumping… stuff like that.  Every kind of sport.

Me:  Who is your favourite person?

Eph:  My friends, my family, and God.

Me:  Do you like being homeschooled and why?

Eph:  Yes.  Cuz we get more time outside and at home and with our families.

Me:  What’s your favourite part of homeschool and why?

Eph:  Math.  Cuz when I started hash marks and I started to write them myself, then I found out how fun it was.

Me:  Um.  I can’t think of any more questions.

Eph:  What about what’s your favourite tv show and computer game?

Me:  Okay!

Eph:  My favourite tv show is Arthur, and my favourite computer game is Arthur!  Well…  almost all the computer games are my favourite.

Me:  How does dirt become air?  (don’t ask)

Eph:  Cuz the air makes the sand clear and when you drop the dirt in it makes it sand, and the sand makes it dust, and then the dust turns into air.  The sun makes it melt, and the air does the rest.

Me:  How do you know all the stuff you know?

Eph:  I learn it from homeschool, the science centre, and sometimes I just KNOW it.  And sometimes you guys tell me it, and sometimes I learn it on real shows.

Me:  Did you like this interview.

Eph:  What interview?  Oh.  YES.

Me:  Are you my favourite boy in the whole world?

Eph:  Yes.  Am I right or wrong?

Me:  You’re right!  (Then I chewed on him)

Eph:  Can we do a science one tomorrow?  Did you know that sawdust can turn into air as well?  The same way that sand can!

((I think we might want to start a little heavier on the science schooling… hmmm…))

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  1. Awww… What a cutie!!!!!!!1

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