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on July 13, 2009

When we moved in here back in December, everything was of course snow covered, dead looking, the regular kind of winter in Canada type of stuff.  I was looking forward to see what kinds of green spring would bring for us here!

Spring came, the trees got buds, we had tulips in the front garden.  It was all so lovely except for the big tree in our front yard.  The centre cut off post of it was rotted out, and Ja’s mom said that it had wild cucumbers growing IN the tree… making us think that the thing was very very dead.

Fast forward a couple of months, and this is what you see when you look out our front window.

July 016

Green.  Huge vibrant green leaves, some of them are literally as big as my head.  ((the tree book says that this is a Northern Catalpa))

July 017

And right now? This gorgeous tree is covered in these bunches of blooming flowers.

July 018

July 020

I look at how this tree is blooming, how it is beautiful and awe inspiring as it waves gracefully in the wind…  how the petals from the flowers drift lazily to the ground underneath it, and I remember how we thought it was dead.  I remember how we stood under it, shook the rotten core, and thought about how we were going to take it down… this… eyesore.

And it makes me think about how God sees me.  Does he see me as the shriveled up dead thing?  Or is he patiently waiting, patiently working in me to bring out the glowing blooms that His hand upon me will leave?  I’m pretty certain that He sees the potential.  He sees what I can and what I will become.  He’s not in a hurry to cut me down, He is nurturing the good that He sees in me so that I can reach up and grow.

July 022

The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride.  Ecclesiastes 7:8


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