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Different Worlds

on July 8, 2009

Last week was very exciting here in our household.  We had visitors from a different world.

The lovely lady known as AmyJ, dragging her beautiful family kicking and screaming with her, descended upon us up here in the Great White North for several days.

AmyJ and I have been talking via messenger and email for a long time now.  We bonded over our mutual cloth diaper usage, discovered that we both crochet and knit, and that we knit the.  same.  way.  Ah.  It’s the simple things in life that make a soul mate, really.

We started our journey by traveling down to the big booming metropolis of Toronto to meet up with our friends from afar.

I tell ya, I know that we clicked (at least on my end…) online and on the phone, and  I had crazy butterflies on the way there and the weeks leading up to the meeting, but nothing compares to “clicking” in person.

AmyJ Vacation 039

Aren’t we cute?  With our hot and sweaty faces and frizzy hair?  Ah yes.  Tis lovely.

We hauled everyone to the great Toronto Science Centre where I was so so glad that we had dressed all five kids in matching outfits.  It was much easier in that insane asylum to spot the hooligans from afar than if they were in “regular clothes.”

AmyJ Vacation 072

((I’m not really sure why Zi is making that face there… ))

The Science Centre was terribly fun, but insanely busy.  However, if you ask any of the hooligans?  The highlight was the subway/bus ride to get there.

Ephraim, Amari and Keyzia on the subway

At the Science Centre, Talya loved the glowing seats that looked like keyboard keys.

AmyJ Vacation 084

Eliana, however, was quite thrilled to dress up in a man’s bathing suit.
Eliana admiring herself dressed up in a men's swimsuit

Ultimately, my favourite part of the entire visit was the afternoon and evening that we spent at our house.

There was sewing…
AmyJ Vacation 006

and knitting…

AmyJ Vacation 016

and playing…

AmyJ Vacation 005

and more playing…

AmyJ Vacation 017

I’ve been thinking all week for something wise and profound to say about the great AmyJ visit of ’09.  I really am just not sure that I have the words to say how amazing it was to meet the person who I have shared my heart, my joys and my sorrows with from afar for so long.  We really are from different worlds, as Amari pointed out, but you know what?  It didn’t matter.  We may have different religious or political views.  We may be raising our children in slightly different ways, but none of that mattered.  What mattered was that we shared our hearts while thousands of miles apart, and now we have shared them, along with our families up close and personal.  To actually DO the things together that we have so often talked about made my entire year, and in my opinion, made us even closer.

AmyJ took a little piece of my heart back to Ohio with her.

And?  Ja is just glad that they weren’t identity stealing axe murderers.

Only 7 1/2 hours, Amy, get our room ready.  😉


2 responses to “Different Worlds

  1. fish6mom says:

    Awww . . . it looks like you guys had so much fun! I really wish I could have been there, too. I love the matching outfits. You did such a great job on them . . . and I think I see an Emmy dress in those pictures, too!

  2. […] to meeting people in person that I originally met online. One of my very best friends, AmyJ, visited us two years ago. We’ve been saving up so that our whole family can go and see her since that trip, and when […]

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