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2009 TOS Planner – A Review

on July 1, 2009

SO. One of my first review chances with the The Old Schoolhouse magazine is to review their new planner.

First impression?


Do you SEE that?  I mean, do you even see all the options there are?  In 375 pages there are planner sheets for one child families, right up to I believe 8 children families.  There are household options, schooling options, lists for keeping track of curriculum, you name it, this planner has it.

((Alright, so I’m copying and pasting this from TOS Blog 😉  ))

Features that you get with this planner include,

Calendar Pages for 2009-2012—planning and scheduling just got so much easier!

24 Recipes—from Mexican Lasagna to Loaded BBQ Potato Casserole!

12 Articles (one for each monthly topic) from homeschooling’s most well-known authors. Here are just a few . . .

  • “American Government Basics” by Amanda Bennett
  • “The Thirteen Colonies” by Michelle Miller
  • “Weather” by Dr. Jay L. Wile, PhD
  • “Lap Books: A Creative Road to Retention” by Tammy Duby

12 “Must-Know” Lists that correspond to the monthly topic/articles including these and more . . .

  • Common Latin and Greek Roots
  • Letter Writing Tips
  • Miracles and Parables
  • Getting into College Check List
  • The Planets—Basic Information to Know
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Branches of Federal, State, and Local Governments
  • Cloud Types

Alphabet Writing Charts for Copywork—Beautiful! Ready to print and use!

Green Cleaning Recipes—from Lisa Barthuly.

TOS Resource Lists—A huge inventory of ideas to include in your studies, corresponding to each monthly topic.

For Home
– Address Book
– Website Login/Password
– Home Repair Projects Worksheet
– Christmas Card List
– Car Maintenance Schedule
– Party/Celebration Planning
– To-Do List/Appointment Schedule
– Emergency Medical Info Sheet
– Grocery List
– Seasonal Cleaning Checklist

For School
– Book Reports
– Journal Pages
– Assignment Sheet with Due Dates
– Report Card Template
– Decorated Bible Study Note Pages
-Video/Library Due Date Sheet
– Preschool Planning Form
– Homeschool Wish List
– Weekly Schedule Form
– Transcript Template
– Inventory Book Log
– Attendance Form
– 4 Co-op Planning Sheets
– Preschool Activity Box and Need-to-Learn List
– Weekly and Daily Schedule Charts for 2-5 Kids
– Community Service Recording Form

Supplemental monthly modules will be available for purchase to enhance your use of the planner and incorporate them into your studies. Make learning come alive for your children with these all-new, interactive units! The 2009 Planner modules will incorporate lapbooking activities.

The downfall for me as a Canadian is that a good portion of the articles cater to the American side of things.  I would have liked to see some Canadian additions, I mean we are neighboUrs after all!  Along with the article and lists about the Presidents, why not have one about Prime Ministers as well?  Key dates in Canadian History would be fairly simple to round up and add in, that kind of thing.  Some of the household forms also have extra spots to record information that is simply not relevant for us Canadians.  We don’t need to keep track of co-pays, insurance details and that kind of thing.  Because I like to have all blanks filled in, it would annoy me to no end to just have those blank.  (Yes, I am odd, in fact, I never once denied being odd!)

Now, having said all of this good stuff about the planner, and I really do think that it’s an excellent one, I am afraid that I will probably not use it very much.  Because I am running on a Charlotte Mason based curriculum, it’s almost too much for me to use.  I might print out some of the household pages, however, and make use of them!

It is quite easy to see that a lot of thought went into this planner.  There is literally a spot for just about everything.  You can even edit some of the pages to add things like your child’s name, tailor the subjects to what you actually use, and that kind of thing.

There are even nifty extra modules that you can add to tailor it even MORE to your family needs.

If you are the type of person who is or who STRIVES to be highly organized, then this is definitely the planner for you.  You could literally keep track of everything in this one place.  Check it out!

Cost: $39 (in American Funds)

What my fellow TOS Crew Members have to say about the planner can be found here.


2 responses to “2009 TOS Planner – A Review

  1. Beth says:

    Happy Canada Day! I can remember watching the Windsor fireworks on the Detroit River when we lived up there.

  2. You’re right, it’s a bit Americo-centric. I have to confess I wouldn’t know your prime minister if he walked up and slapped me in the face. Shame, too. My grandfather was Canadian, or at least lived there before coming to America. Not sure where he was born, as he was a man of mystery.

    Maybe next year they’ll add some more international stuff!!! 🙂

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