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WeE-Books A Review

on April 30, 2009

The Old School House Magazine has this really neat series of short WeE books. They’re ridiculously cheap, short, and have some awesome and yet uplifting stories in them. (Well, at least the three that I chose have some awesome stories in them!)

I sat down with my tea all set to read the first one, A Light Unto my Path by Donna Rees.

Donna Rees starts out with giving a few facts… for example, did you know that there are 76 references to the word “light” in the New testament alone?

I have always loved word studies, and was happy to read on as she went on to talk about the origins of the word light in the Hebrew and what it means to her. I very much liked the profusion of scripture verses that is given at the end to “wet your appetite.”

This is a very lovely quick read that gets you really thinking not only about light, but also about other words that may strike you in a daily bible read.

Another lovely little writing by Donna Rees that actually had me tearing up a little. It’s the story of a caterpillar that her son found, that turned into a cocoon, and the way that they used that as a learning experience to slow down. I’m always in such a hurry to do everything… clean up, do a puzzle, spend time, read this, do that… this was a great little reminder to slow down and really appreciate the Lord’s creation and the way that He meant it to be.

The last WeE-Book that I chose is Play What you Mean by JoJo Tabares.

This book begins by citing some statistics of how important communication is in the ‘real’ world. Interspersed with quotes and bible verses, it really strikes home with how integral good communication is.

Beginning with Preschool age, JoJo Tabares gives you actual communication exercises to complete. My hooligans cracked right up when playing the age old game of telephone, but also learned a very very important lesson in being clear when speaking.

All in all, the WeE-Books are short, easy to read and very cheap. The biggest downfall that I can see is that the shortness of them makes it difficult to get in depth in a topic. It almost feels like you just start to get really into it, and then it’s over. That being said, I quite enjoyed these ones and will be keeping my eye out for more.


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