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Bell. You suck.

on February 26, 2009

I have hated Bell Canada for a long long time. Unfortunately, here in the great white north (oh will spring ever come??) Bell is about the only phone provider that we can get. Especially when you live in the middle of nowhere.

Those who know us know that we have moved a few times in the past 6 months. Moving means changing phone number, addresses, blah blah blah. The joys, right? When we were living out at the farm, we also had to use Bell as a phone “service” provider. I think it took them a month to get our new phone set up properly over there.

Then we moved here. Thought it was all hunky dory, as it were. We made phone calls, received phone calls, and while the call display didn’t always work, we paid the bill on time, we were connected! Life was good!

And then it wasn’t so good.

Bell started phoning us.



Sure, we ignored them for a little while, since our bill was paid, we just figured they were trying to upgrade us or some such thing. Sell us more “services” etc.

Then, I got a cheque in the mail from Bell. It was just for a small amount, so I figured that it was an overpayment of the old account. Fine. Cash it and move on.

Then, I finally talk to someone.

Let’s call him… Nice Bell Guy Who Seems to Hate His Job (NBGWSTHHJ)

NBGWSTHHJ: Mrs. Wolters? This is NBGWSTHHJ from Bell accounts receivable.
Me: Yes? (rather confused, because, as I mentioned, we had been paying the bill)
NBGWSTHHJ: I’m calling to make arrangements for the delinquent account of which is owed $174.08.
Me: Um. Wha? I’ve been PAYING that bill, and I can give you confirmation numbers that it has been paid.
NBGWSTHHJ: Ma’am, there are no payments listed on this account whatsoever.
Me: You know, this is EXACTLY why I hate dealing with Bell. Something is always screwed up, and it is always a hassle to get figured out.
Me: I guess you hear that a lot, huh?
NBGWSTHHJ: *sigh* Well ma’am, I’m not really able to talk about that right now.

So fine, what it turns out that happened is that they had not properly switched our account numbers and we were paying into the wrong account. So, we would get a bill, pay it, and the money would go into the wrong account. What he had me do was to call the bank and ask THEM to switch the money to the proper BELL account. This didn’t make a lot of sense to me because Bell had my money in their own account… for some reason, they couldn’t or wouldn’t then switch it to the proper and new account.

I take care of it. After a couple of hours on the phone because they gave me the wrong account number AGAIN for the bank. The bank tells me to tell Bell it will take 2 weeks to get this straightened out.

Life is good again. Except that I keep getting phonecalls from the asshats about the delinquent account. Every single time, I have to explain the entire problem again. Tell them it’s going to take two weeks. Tell them to take me off their list.

Fast forward to this week.

I get a cheque in the mail from Bell for the amount that is supposed to go to the new account. I am confused… I pick up the phone to call the bank to find out where we stand with the new payment going through, and wait…


I can’t dial out.

They have cut off our phone line with no warning, and made it so that it goes directly to their accounts receivable. Who I have talked to every day for the past week.

I get to talk to Idiot Rude Bell Woman Who Gets Joy Out of Being Mean to Poor Regular People Who Don’t Work for Bell. (IRBWWGJOOBMTPRPWDWFB)

**enter a bunch of rigamarole where IRBWWGJOOBMTPRPWDWFB confirms my address, name, etc… all while smoke is coming out of my ears**

IRBWWGJOOBMTPRPWDWFB: Ma’am, we need to arrange payment for this account in the amount of $174.08.
Me: *goes over the whole problem again*
IRBWWGJOOBMTPRPWDWFB: Ma’am, you have been delinquent on this account. You need to take care of it.
Me: Listen up, I have been ATTEMPTING to take care of YOUR mistake for almost a month now. I got a cheque in the mail today and TRIED to phone my bank to see what was happening, but you cut off our phone!
IRBWWGJOOBMTPRPWDWFB: Ma’am, as soon as you pay the account, the phone will be reconnected.
Me: I HAVE PAID THE ACCOUNT (while thinking if she calls me Ma’am with that nasty tone in her voice one more time, then I may have to… well. No need to have proof of my malevolent thoughts on the internet)
IRBWWGJOOBMTPRPWDWFB: Ma’am, ((ARGGGGGGH)) we have no record of any of these conversations.
Me: You know, this is ridiculous. Your customer service is atrocious. I can’t even believe that this has been screwed up so badly. Maybe if your customer service actually SERVED customers, then problems like this wouldn’t happen!! ((I do have to admit that I was yelling by this point.))
IRBWWGJOOBMTPRPWDWFB: Well Ma’am, if you pay the bill, then maybe the customer service will be better.

That, that, my dear friends, is when my head spun around on my neck flew off and exploded. She was so antagonistic. It was like she was gleeful to put me, the nasty doesn’t pay the bill customer, in her place. She didn’t once listen to what I had to say, OR try to figure out what went wrong.

You know, I understand that mistakes are made. Big businesses like Bell with so many people working for them and with so many people to take care of are going to make mistakes. The problem is that this was NOT our mistake. That never once was it acknowledged that they had made a mistake. That maybe, just maybe, the infallible Bell wasn’t so infallible after all. Not one person apologized. Instead, we were made to feel like criminals for something that we could not fix, but that we had talked to approximately 20 different people about on various occasions.

It’s funny because Nexicom has a big sign just outside of the little town in Peterborough that says “Customer Service. What a novelty.”

The moral of the story here is to never do business with Bell. Which is what we will be doing as soon as we can get an alternate set up with Rogers. Because Bell? While I can stand your shoddy workmanship and needing to come and fix things four million times, I cannot stand the disrespect and the asinine thing that YOU call Customer Service.

I will suffice to say that I am not going to be recommending Bell’s services to anyone.



4 responses to “Bell. You suck.

  1. Shannon says:

    I had a similar situation awhile ago. We have Bell home phone, but our long distance provider is Yak. There was a long distance charge on our Bell bill that was to a number we never called. I called Bell to have the charge removed as we do not have long distance through Bell, so there should be no long distance charges by them regardless of whether or not we called that number. Then it went back and forth for awhile with the guy telling me my long distance was through Bell, and me saying no it’s not, and him saying yes it is, and me saying no it’s not…. Anyway, he finally agreed to remove the charge and told me to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Also, our Sympatico account was messed up for 6 months, them overcharging us, me calling to complain, them saying it would be fixed on my next bill, me getting the next bill not fixed with the same over priced rate, me calling to complain……Still not sure if that one is totally fixed yet. So, apparently customers are supposed to make sure Bell doesn’t screw up. There should be a discount on our bills for that “sorry for the inconvenience of our mistakes discount”.
    Anyway, the point here is that I hear ya, lol.

  2. Connie says:

    And that my friend is why Bell would be the LAST company we would use! Thank the Lord we live in the city and have CHOICE! I will pray you can leave Bell as soon as possible!

  3. norma says:

    Jamie, Call the Bell Excecutive Office at 1-866-317-3382. The lady at that office is a little more understanding and not so high and mighty as the person you were talking with, who is properly only being paid minimum wage is some god forsaken country,( it is not done out of Canada anymore, they sourse it out to India or some place) and thinking they are doing a great job. They never give you a chance to get a word in edgewise. And the more you talk with them the madder you get. Been there, done that. Like you if people had a choice, they would switch over to someone else too. Come on Rogers, when are you coming our way?? Norma

  4. Mommyknows says:

    Just reading about it stresses me out. How goes it with water?

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