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The Well has Sprung

on February 17, 2009

We have had a rather craptastic few months… I haven’t talked too much about it here on ye olde blog, but it has been really sucky.

Less than a year ago we moved out of our townhouse onto the farm. Three months later our beloved landlord died in a tragic motorcycle accident. We miss him still. The same week my Grandmother died. Two months later, we had to have the police involved with the landlord’s children, and we moved out quickly to stay with our hero, Barry. 8ish weeks after that, we moved out here to the (as the kids say) “newest new house.” 4 days after that, we ran out of water in the newest new house. The past few months have been a battle to get the water fixed.

A week ago yesterday, this pulled into my front yard, much to the joy of the children…

February 008

February 007

It was a crazy and insane machine, operated by our newest hero (sorry Barry…) the REAL water guy.

It just went up…

February 010

and up and up…

February 011

Much to the delight of the children.

February 005

I have been told recently that a “proper” well should be giving between three and five imperial gallons a minute. Ours was giving 2.8 gallons an HOUR. This is not good, and fully explains why we kept running out of water.

So, on Monday, all of our water was gotten from here.

February 013

We flushed the toilet with this water, but it was too dirty to really do anything else with it. Thankfully, my very good and sweet friend lives exactly one minute away, and let us shower there, did laundry for us, let me cry on her shoulder…. you name it.

But now? Now I turn on the tap and glorious water flows out. I flush the toilet and it actually flushes, leaving no need to dump bucket after bucket down. I turn on the dishwasher or the washing machine and am not left without water for hours and hours. I can have a shower without decimating the water supply for the day.

It’s amazing how you can take something that seems so simple for granted. I mean, you just expect for water to come out of the tap when it’s turned on in our part of the world. You expect to be able to be clean every day (unless, of course, you’re five or six years old and have determined that bathing is evil.) We, in our part of the world are, frankly, spoiled rotten.

A good portion of this earth has people who live with no running water. Who, in fact, live with having to walk an hour or more to the nearest water supply which is dirty, not fit to drink, not fit to bathe in. It’s amazing how something for us that’s so simple, for others is a lifelong battle. We did get a taste of this last week, but, while we may know what it’s like to be thirsty, we do not know what it’s like to THIRST. We are privileged enough to not suffer in that way.

We have had almost three months with a very limited water supply. We had four days with no running water at all. People live their lifetime in this way.

I still thrill at turning the tap on to wash my hands and having water come out. I am gleeful at being able to flush the toilet, every. single. time. I am happy to be able to wash clothes with abandon. I just hope that I can appreciate this, be thankful for this, and not forget what it was like to be without.

It’s interesting, all the trials that Jason and I and our hooligans have been through over the past bunch of months. I was saying to a friend about how I was starting to feel like Job… she just idly commented, “Yah, but look at how THAT turned out!” I am blessed. Through my sufferings I am learning, and I am blessed. I know Who is in charge, and I can trust that He only wants good for me.

Over the past few months of craptasticness, there has also been an amazing amount of blessing. Our church family rallied around us and had us packed and moved into Barry’s sanctuary in four days. They rallied around again to help us move here. We got to experience the amazing generosity of someone giving up their home for us. We found the people that loved us and supported us in amazing ways. Even through the whole ‘water’ issue, people were praying, people were offering to do laundry, take the kids, let us have showers… the feeling of love and acceptance that came from people surrounding us is amazing to me. Who am I to deserve such love??

Someone else said to me in the midst of all this that God must really trust that I can handle a lot of “stuff.”

I do have to admit, though, that I really wish He wouldn’t trust me THAT much.

And now I think I’m going to go and flush the toilet again.

Just because I can.


One response to “The Well has Sprung

  1. Mommyknows says:

    Thank God for water! I once lived in Honduras for several months without running water. It was hellish! Sounds like you have some great friends. Poor Barry … dumped for the well driller.

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