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Bah… Humbug…

on January 5, 2009

Oh. Wait. Are the holidays over? Already? Did I miss them? HA!

I’ve been meaning to post on dis here purdy blog (Oh Cynthia, how do I love thee?), but I just had nothing good to say. Well, I could have forced myself to find something good to say, but then I would have had to let my heart grow three more sizes. And really, who can be bothered?

I’ve been trying to analyze why I feel the way I do about Christmas. I’m a Christian after all. What’s not to love about this time of year?

Well, there’s the traveling. And the pressure to please everyone. And scouring busy stores for the perfect present. And cleaning the house. And figuring out what to cook for people. And did I mention the presents??

I guess I just have a hard time SEEING. In the hustle and bustle of the “holiday” it’s hard to see Christ. It’s hard to find the birth of the little baby who would grow, who would experience all that we experience, and only do so in order to bridge the gap between us and the Father.

But where is that? Where is it in the ribbons, the bows, the people not showing up? Where is it in the petty differences that can’t be put aside? Where is it in the greediness that is so prevalent in the season?

Then I see my children. These lovely little gifts who cause us a lot of trouble, but make us laugh like nothing ever has before. These kids who look at the gaudy Christmas lights with joy and wonder. Who play donkeys and sheep in the Christmas play. Who put on their own Christmas play with their friends, just to show us.

It’s then, then and only then that I see it. Through the eyes of my children.

December 122

christmas 2008 011

christmas 2008 007

christmas 2008 001

christmas 2008 014

christmas 2008 076

christmas 2008 018

Happy New Year, everyone. And thank goodness we survived the holidays!


4 responses to “Bah… Humbug…

  1. cyn says:

    sigh. aren’t they wonderful?!
    The children that is.
    As for the holidays…well….


  2. mommyknows says:

    Happy New Year!

    Sometimes it’s hard to see past the hard work and financial burden of Christmas. It always seems worth it in the end.

    I see you bought the tea set! Georgia loves hers. We’ve had many tea parties.

    I love the first pictures with all three kids. They are soooo cute.

  3. Looks like you all had a Merry Christmas. . .those smiles make everything better, don’t they! Praying that you have a blessed New Year!!

  4. norma says:

    Jamie, You really should be writing for some magazine or paper. I can see the story when I read your blog. It sure is wonderful.

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