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And… we're in… so to speak.

on December 4, 2008

It has been a very very difficult six weeks for us. Really, I suppose the past three? four? months have been the hardest we have endured. A friend to me said last night, “well, you can be sure that next year won’t be like this one! It might be worse… but it won’t be like this one!”

So! In a nutshell, we moved, we moved again, and THEN just to shake things up a little, we move AGAIN. Oh yes, we did. And all in a matter of 6 months.

We are settled, so to speak, in the house where, the Lord willing, we will spend a long long time. I keep joking that I will die here. That’s how badly I don’t want to move again. We shall see…

It’s a good house, close to good friends, needs a lot of work, but it’s starting to feel like home. Moving was and is difficult, we still have a lot of stuff at the friend’s house that we were staying with. But, things seem to be finding their way to some kind of normal.

At least the new definition of normal that we need to find.


3 responses to “And… we're in… so to speak.

  1. Emma says:

    Great news – wishing you a peaceful holiday

  2. mommyknows says:

    Just in time for the holidays! I hope you have many, many, many holidays in this house, and you’re all settled soon.

    MK xo

  3. Natalie says:

    Glad to see you are settled and hope you enjoy the new place.
    Give those cute kids of yours a hug and enjoy the season!

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