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When it rains…

on November 9, 2008

… it pours.

Last week Ja’s Gramma went to be with the Lord at the age of 90. On Wednesday, we went to the wake, and on Thursday was the funeral.

I didn’t know her very well, she had developed alzheimers over the years, and when we did visit her, she wouldn’t know who we were.

I do remember a few things though, one is that she yelled at me when we were playing some kind of card game I had never played before, because I did something wrong.

The other was when we first met.

She asked me what my last name was,

“Hubel,” I responded.
“Oh?” she said, confused, “That’s not a dutch name I’m familiar with.”
“That’s because, it’s not a dutch name.”
“Well what IS IT then?”

She was so shocked that either I wasn’t dutch, or that there was anything but dutch out there!

I am thankful that she is reunited with her beloved husband. That the worries of the world will no longer touch her. I am thankful that she was a part in giving me my beloved husband. She will be missed.


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