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on March 17, 2008

The lovely OMSH has decided to do another colouring un-contest! 

So, I was waiting patiently until I could get downtown to get some more black ink for the printer, and it just never happened.  Well, I made it down there, but forgot the ink cartridge and was foiled!  It's unfortunate, because these contests usually occupy the children for at least five minutes allowing me to go pee by myself.

So, the story in pictures.


march 028

Keyzia and Ephraim got right down to work.  This is serious stuff, you know, a colouring contest.



march 030

Talya is at that age that she MUST be included in every.  single.  thing.  Or there is screaming.  Much screaming.


march 031

She lost interest fairly quickly.


march 032



march 033

I've always thought that the feel of nice waxy crayons on my tummy was soothing.


march 038

The finished product.  Note the fake smile and the name scrawled in the corner.  Also note how every last bit of the paper is coloured.


march 039

More of the fake smile, along with Eph's insistance that he colour the back of the page too.


march 040

Another fake smile, and very carefully chosen colours.  Zi took the longest and the most care to finish.  She's very particular about this kind of thing.  She also wanted it to be known that she will be six in 12 days, so it's okay with her if she goes in the six year old category.


march 041

Oh yah, that fake smile is MUCH better.


march 036

Talya wasn't interested in posing with her picture at all.


march 037

In fact, after this shot, I believe she threw her picture on the floor, sat on it, and took a bite out of the crayon.

Heather, I'm not terribly sure that she DESERVES to win.


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