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Melt my heart

on February 20, 2008

We have had a rough few days in our house.

It started out with Keyzia and puking… and more puking… and Talya puking… and more puking…

Then it was Ephraim's turn.  Zi is a real trooper when she's sick.  She pukes, says she's done, rolls over and goes back to sleep…  Eph has a much harder time.  He cries, and his tummy cramps.  He runs a wicked fever and is almost inconcolable.  He never hits the bowl either… sigh.

So, last night, after the chaos of being sick seemed to be ebbing I found him adorably snuggled up to his new doll.


February 061

Before he went to sleep he told me to make sure it was him I kissed, and not 'Little E'. 

My boy is going to be a good daddy.  I can see it already.

If he can stop smashing things.  Details… details…


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