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on February 11, 2008

There's something about a finished project.  There's something about the satisfaction of seeing something that you've started with yarn and a few sticks, and it becomes completely functional and beautiful.

I've been working on the Pinwheel Sweater for a while now…  and by working on, I mean that I started it, was completely enchanted by the pattern, and especially by the yarn (it's absolutely mesmerizing to watch the colour change in Uberknits gradient yarn!), got to the outer edge, cast off, and put it in the knitting basket for months.


February 040

Why would I do that if it was so enchanting?  So beguiling?  (gee, can I think up any more descriptive words??)  It's because I got to the sleeves, I knew that I would have to count, pick up stitches, keep track of rows.  Be bored be the tedious K1 P1 ribbing for 8 solid inches on EACH arm. 


<February 043

But, I finally did it.  I picked it up, carefully undid the alternate arm hole, used my sweet knitpicks needles to count off the rows until the decreases.  Knit 16 solid inches of K1 P1 ribbing.  Counted rows to make sure the sleeves and trim were both the same length.


<February 041

It was so worth it.  My very first sweater.  I've knit probably 100 pairs of pants, but never done a sweater.  It was glorious to finally put it on her, see that it fit, feel the joy of the blocking.

Oh yah.  I'll totally be doing this again.


February 042



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