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Momma's Little Sweat Shop

on January 16, 2008

So, I started this rag quilt LONG LONG time ago. Probably a year ago??  It's for Ephraim, and has been sitting in the bucket on my shelf for so long. 

So, today I finished cutting out the squares, and had the kids finish putting together the “sandwiches” (jean square, small jean square in the middle, and then flannel).

Then Keyzia asked if she could help me sew, and I taught her how to do the X's on the machine. Which means that here I am on my butt on the computer!

This counts as homeschool, right? 

My mother in law gave me five boxes of jean squares that she had cut over the years BY HAND with NO rotary cutter. Seriously, five big boxes. That's why I'm using the smaller squares as stuffing instead of buying that warm and whatever it is!

I love that the kids are helping with this project.  The beaming on their faces was beyond amazing when they realized that they could do something so big… and so practical. 

Heather, over at OMSH had a post on this a while ago, although that woman posts so often, I don't have a chance in heck of finding it!

It's so important for kids to be able to do things for themselves.  It gives them such confidence… such a sense of importance.  I always try to remember that we are raising adults here, not children.  We, my husband and I, want our kids to grow to be self sufficient productive members of society, and us doing every single thing for them is not going to make that happen.

If we did not teach them how to do laundry, dishes, sew, clean up after themselves, then how could anyone expect them to do those things when they're grown?  It is crippling to do every single thing for your child.  Absolutely crippling.

Anyway, it gives my heart great joy to listen to my kids humming and taking obvious joy in their tasks.  THIS is what makes it all worth it.

Why no, we don't get dressed on Wednesdays, thanks for asking!

And yes, I do have a counter full of dirty dishes to do!


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