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on November 8, 2007

Is there a reason that between living room re-arranging sessions that I forget how freaking long it takes to do it?  It's kind of like child birth… only, I am a staunch believer that women don't FORGET the pain, they just kind of… think that maybe it was worth it or something stupid like that.

ANYWAY, back to the living room.  I really liked the way I had it before.  No, I didn't take a picture before, and no, I am NOT putting it back just so that I can take a picture.  Unfortunately, the way it WAS had the couch situated cozily right on top of the only heating vent in the room.

It's been getting cold.

Which means that the furnace has been turned on.

Hence, the living room stayed cold, which meant that I was cold, which in turn meant that I had the genius idea to change the damn thing around.  Again.

And do I make it easy on myself?  ((and by myself, I of course mean Jason.))

Short answer?  No, I don't. 

I decide that the giant heavy ass tv stand must be moved!  


Remind me to read this post the next time I get the urge for a change, wouldja?


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