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Boy Bits

on October 29, 2007

A conversation that my girlfriend had with one of my godsons.

((no I wasn't there, although she has seen me naked!!))


I was in the shower on, I believe, a Saturday morning (although that's not relavent to the story) and I can hear Aidan poking around in the bathroom.  Now that he can undress and redress himself, when any of us are in the shower, he just gets naked and hops in with us.  He has this facination with my, ahem, chest, but this day the topic of conversation turned to boy bits and pieces.  (Breast-fed child!  Feels the need to point out to every female that he's comfortable with that they have 'boobs.”  Other stories, another time!)
Aidan – Mommy, I have a penis.  (Anyone who has heard the child speak may insert his little lisp that he seems to ha ve with his “Aidan accent.”)
Me – Why yes, Aidan, you do.  (Anyone who has heard me speak may insert slightly cheeky undertone to conversation.)
Aidan – My daddy has a penis.
Me – Yes, daddy has a penis.  (Mental note to self – the birds and the bees questions with boy number three will likely come before I would like it.)
Aidan – And my brothers have a penis.  (Like they share one between the two?)
Me – Yes, Bug and Newt have penises.  (Just in case he didn't know that they each have their own?!)
Aidan – Mommy, you don't have a penis. (Telling me something that he thought I apparently didn't know . . . )
Me – No, Aidan, I don't have one.  (Hard to have a conversation at this point as I was stiffling laughter.)
Aidan – Mommy, you need to buy one.  (Insert all jokes here!)

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